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How to Increase the Comfort of Your Home

When you think of “home,” your mind likely wanders to a place characterized by warmth, happiness, relaxation, and comfort. Because you spend so much of your downtime within the confines of your own home, both your physical and mental comfort levels should be at their highest the moment you walk in. Think of your home as your safe space, your sanctuary where the only thing that matters is you and the loved ones you live with.

If you’ve recently noticed that you don’t really feel relaxed in your space anymore, it may be time to dedicate your efforts toward rebuilding a space that truly feels like your own. Not sure where to begin? We’ll walk you through the many ways in which you can increase the comfort of your home.

Add more cushions

Your bedroom is the pinnacle of comfort. Your sleepy time oasis is best characterized by the bed living inside including the high-end bedding and plush pillows making up your bedscape. Now take those things that make your bed so unbeatably cozy and apply it to your high-trafficked living spaces.

Fill your couches, loveseats, and recliners with fluffy decorative pillows. Whether you’re entertaining a group of friends or settling in for a date night with your Netflix subscription, having a snuggly space to come home to makes a world of difference.

Fill the space with greenery

One of the easiest ways to revamp a bland home is by furnishing the tables, shelves, walls, floors, and ceilings with sprawling green plants. Not only are plants great for added aesthetic, but they cleanse the air of harmful toxins and compounds, too!

Not much of a green thumb? Try these easy-to-care-for plants:

  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Guiana Chestnut
  • Yucca
  • English Ivy
  • Peace Lily
  • Calathea

Add some throw rugs

Having a rug to cover your hard floors is not only a great way to add some flare, but it also works well to absorb noise. Keep rugs out of messy places like the bathroom or the kitchen to avoid any unnecessary staining or dampness. Instead, consider putting a rug in the living room, entryway, hallway, or home office.

Remove excess clutter

Clutter can make the space feel cramped, and no one wants to feel claustrophobic inside their own home. Taking the time to declutter and creating organization in your living space is an essential step toward feeling more relaxed in your home.

Paint the walls

There are few things more boring and lifeless than a white wall. If you’re looking for a big project that will help you feel more chill, spring into action with a full-blown paint job. Yellows, dark reds, blues, and dark greens are all calming hues that will instantly transform the space.

Spruce up the front door

The porch of a home says a lot about the inside. In order to have the feng shui on the inside match the aesthetic of the outside, sprucing up the front door should be first on your checklist. Not sure where to begin with your exterior home decor venture? Try these easy ideas:

  • Painting the front door
  • Installing window boxes
  • Revamping your mailbox
  • Adding a welcome mat
  • Decorating with floor or hanging plants

Opt for ambiance lighting

Studies have shown that lighting can affect your mood in many ways. Lights that are too bright can disrupt your brain and make you feel stressed without even knowing. Do yourself a favor by switching out harsh light bulbs for softer, yellow-toned ones that are easy on the eyes and the mind.

Turn up the tunes

Are you constantly listening to music? Do you have a solid queue of playlists for every mood you’re in? Fill your home with your favorite songs with the help of a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Look no further for top-rated speakers. These bestselling options will blow you away:

  • Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4
  • Anker Soundcore Flare Wireless Speaker
  • Bose SoundLink Revolve
  • Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

Increase air circulation

No one likes to walk into a room and take in a breath of stale air. Introduce some airflow into your home by opening the windows or plugging in a fan. You’ll be grateful for the fresh air and your visitors will be too!

With these genius methods, you’ll be feeling more comfortable in your home than ever before. Did we miss anything? Let us know what makes your home feel cozy in the comments below!