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30 Best Logic Quotes

Concerning the rules of Logic and Reason; the evidence of evidence and proof of the system for logical and reasonable belief.

In a recent conversation with a companion of mine, we discussed ethics and morality. My opposition made the claim that anything that was done for the sole sake of pleasure was immoral, on the grounds that it — inevitably — would lead to unhappiness. Since I am a Free Lover, and whole-heartedly believing that consensual and promiscuous can be happy and desirable, I disagreed with his thesis. I searched for contradictions in his theory, asking if he agreed that buying a music CD, for example, solely for pleasure was immoral, or getting intoxicated. However, I decided to ignore contradictions, because someone surely can be entirely self-contained in their theory, and still be fallacious in their assertions. I asked them, instead, why they believed that pleasure (for the sole sake of pleasure) was immoral. They told me that it was their thesis, and that it was axiomatic. By this, they meant that it was unnecessary for them to prove such a thesis true. After stiffling my laughter, I told them that nothing could be accepted as true without evidence. They then asked me something I could not answer, and I was knowing that I could not answer. They asked me, “How do you know, then, that your method for knowing, such as requiring evidence, is true?” Their statement here was not entirely false.

30 Best Logic Quotes




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