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13 Clever Compact Kitchen Ideas for 2021

Living in a small place comes with all types of space challenges. Of course, the worst part is the kitchen. But luckily, with plenty of innovative compact kitchen ideas coming up day by day, you can pick up any one of them to make your compact kitchen look awesome while maximizing storage space.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2021 

Here we will explore 13 best compact kitchen designs and trends for 2021:

Touchless Faucets

As per the 2021 NKBA trend report, hands-free faucets are more famous than traditional kitchen faucets. They are easy to use, they make your kitchen sink cleaner and cut down on wasted water. Since you do not need to touch the knob or handle, there is less risk of bacteria or germs spreading to other people in your home. 

You can also benefit from voice-activated faucets because they help you get more productive in the kitchen. With the easy commands, you can switch the water on and off as you want.

Glass Partitions

The use of glass walls to separate spaces has increased in the past few years. They are usually transparent and built for interior decoration. They are also space-friendly because it takes less floor spacing as compared to a traditional structure. 

Moreover, glass partitions can also be tailored to fit many design ideas. Glass also resists stains and is easy to clean and sanitize. You can use them to separate the kitchen area from your dining room. 

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the famous materials used for kitchen interiors. Kitchen Quartz countertops are in the trend right now. The main reason for the popularity of these countertops is that they are not just gorgeous but also durable. They also help you to widen up space in your small kitchen.

Caesarstone Quartz countertops are mainly made from the ground-up rock elements blended with the old plastic resins altogether. Quartz is a non-porous surface meaning there would be no crack or holes in it. Moreover, the quartz countertops come in a broad assortment of patterns and shades.


Today, kitchen larders are making a huge comeback in ultra-modern homes. For those with compact kitchens, it is one of the clever kitchen ideas. 

These unique statement pieces offer plenty of storage space for your kitchen goods and add appealing furnishing that adds an instant style. They can also be modelled to cater to the needs of you and your family members. You can opt for a freestanding or built-in larder.


If your tightly-spaced kitchen lacks storage, a kitchen island can help you solve your issue. How is it possible? From practical storage to preparing meals, it helps you add functionality to your cooking area. Moreover, an island gives you additional counter space. As per one 2020 study, 61% of kitchen renovators planned to incorporate a kitchen island in the finished kitchen.

There’s also an option to install extra pull-out shelves, cabinets, or drawers. You can choose any small kitchen island ideas – built-in island, free-standing unit, mobile carts, two-tier small kitchen island, repurposed solutions, etc. In addition to this, you can opt for high stools because they do not occupy much space  the roomi.

Small White Kitchen

White is an excellent shade for compact spaces, mainly kitchens. It makes the kitchen look larger and helps to reflect light where windows are unavailable to offer natural lighting. White also looks fresh, clean and signifies purity. Moreover, the white kitchen always remains “in style” and works with any décor style.

Small U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shape is one of the most common layouts used for kitchens today. It is famous in small interiors because it creates a lot of counter space for food preparation with space for storage underneath. 

As the name implies, U-shaped kitchens incorporate three worktops linked to create an open rectangle. Also, the design is more ergonomic because it makes everyday tasks more accessible and easier.

Small Kitchen with High Ceilings

A compact kitchen with high ceilings adds a touch of elegance to the entire set. It also creates the illusion of spaciousness, mainly if the furniture does not fully cover the wall. It also offers ample space for more natural light, ventilation and decoration.

Vintage Kitchen Plate Racks

Plate racks add a stylish element to your kitchen. They help you to access plates any time easily. These racks also provide you with an area to store and display your dishware rather than hiding it away in a cupboard. You can mount them on walls or countertops.

Clear Plastic Chairs

Transparent high plastic chairs are also in the trend in the kitchen world. They are not only lightweight but also make the compact kitchen more spacious. The chairs are also very easy to clean and much more affordable than those made of other materials like wood, metal, etc.

Open Shelves

The open shelves kitchen trend has been around for a few years now. They not only increase storage but also make the spaces look brighter. In addition, they create an area that is relaxed and modern. 

Open-shelving is decorative, a cost-effective option, and can also be done in one day. They also make it easy to keep everything organized. Moreover, items placed are very easy to view. It’s best to use every inch of the wall to install shelves.

Wood Kitchens

Adding wood to your compact kitchen is also a great way to get a sense of space. Solid wood never goes out of style, it is sustainable, requires minimal maintenance, and is less prone to moisture damage. A wooden kitchen also makes you feel more comfortable when preparing meals. It can also help you resist the rigors of busy modern life.

Gold Accents and Touch-Ups

Gold accents are another way to give a new glamour to your small kitchen. It is one of the beautiful compact kitchen designs for 2021. Soft gold accents (such as faucets, lighting fixtures, etc.) match well with the muted colours of the kitchen interior and kitchen materials such as natural wood, white marble, amongst others.

Wrapping Up:

Not all kitchens are big enough to store all your kitchen essentials. It adds unwanted stress to your day. Today, there are numerous options for those with even compact kitchens. You can use our compact kitchen ideas mentioned above to make your kitchen look enjoyable, uncluttered, and more spacious. As per Matt, a good kitchen design not just makes the home more inviting for the property owners, but also lures more tenants.

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