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5 Simple Tips On Remodeling Your Home

Are you thinking of remodeling your home and wanted to know second storey extension costs?  As with any significant project, it’s easy to feel inspired, overwhelmed, and confused all at once when getting started. Who do you want to contact to start planning? How often? Where are you going to get your supplies? How can you maximize your budget? How do you know what will satisfy you? If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Stick around for five simple tips for starting any home remodeling project.

Pick Your Dream Team

It all starts with your dream team. But who? Should you consult an architect, designer, or contractor? Is the remodel something that you can tackle yourself? The beginning is a good time to be honest with yourself. Do you have someone on hand who already knows the ropes? If so, great! If not, selecting the right people, such as a home remodeling Albuquerque company, to come in as your superheroes when it’s go-time is a crucial step so that you’re not sitting alone on a stack of raw materials.

Deciding who to consult for your remodeling project is a significant first step and, while it takes time, it will save you much time and effort down the road. As for your home itself, building a good foundation for your project with a well-thought-out plan is essential to help you carry through on a remodel that will work for you and your family.

Your remodeling dream team will depend on what kind of project you’re planning. Are you doing significant structural changes? An architect can assist with understanding the space and making additions match the rest of the home. Architects can help in situations where you need a drawing to obtain building permits. They’re essential for significant remodeling projects (such as changing the exterior of the home, adding another floor, or constructing an extension).

Remodels that are minor, such as a moving a wall or two, will not require an architect. You will, however, want a designer helping with these smaller projects. They can assist with interior changes and the best layout for the space you’re imagining. These changes are where space planning (such as deciding where those cabinets will be) works wonders. After space planning, designers assist with selection (picking out all of the materials, colors, and designs) that will work best for your project. Finally, contractors will conduct the work that architects and designers have laid out, transforming the drawings, space planning, and selection into the picture that you’ve imagined.

Get Your Team Together Early

After you’ve decided who you will need, it’s crucial to get everyone involved early on so that you’re never left at the last minute with unwelcome surprises. For example, you would not want to spend months planning your kitchen space with an architect and designer only to discover that the contractor is going to charge much more money than you’d ever anticipated. Early communication and planning with a kitchen remodeling Albuquerque expert afford you the time you may need to understand the design costs and conduct a change of plans should the need arise. It’s better to communicate in collaboration rather than working with each expert in a step-by-step fashion for this reason. This communication will ensure that you are getting and paying for what you’ve expect from the beginning.

Save Money With DIY And Thrifting

Not only can DIY methods save you a ton of money, but paints, stains, and other methods can bring old furniture back to life. Why not bring your old pieces back to life with a fresh splash of color? Most major hardware stores also offer some level of assistance, be it a Help Desk, consultation, topical classes, online tutorials, or materials to make your DIY project much more straightforward. Need some help picking out a DIY project? Check out these trash to treasure crafts! Also, thrift stores and vintage furniture stores can be a great way to bring a fresh look to a space without a lot of money spent. Not to mention, who doesn’t love bragging to friends about that fantastic piece restored at home, or that beauty spotted for a fraction of the original price downtown?

Shop Around

Think back to your college days decorating that dorm room. Chances are, you had just a little money and had to go shopping for bargains to make that small space cozier. Shopping around is just as important now that you’ve got your own home to remodel. You’d be surprised how widely prices vary between styles, companies, and color choices. It’s worth looking around so that you’ve got money left over for what matters and nothing is wasted on a huge price difference between that pastel yellow versus canary yellow countertop.

Make The Space Your Own

Even more than your team, how often you communicate, what you use, or where you get it, the most important thing is that you’re not only happy but wowed with the result. Even the best team, the best materials, and the best prices will not be enough if you don’t love the remodel. Regardless of price or materials, there are likely things that are going to make you cringe or send your heart soaring. What’s important is that you look back and know that the result is what you wanted and represents your unique style, personality, and story. Your home should tell the story of you. If you can achieve that, any remodel will be well worth it!

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