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Laptop, Tablet or Hybrid: What Should You Choose?

In addition to the well-known laptop format, there have been models that you can use in a different way for some years now – and that has its advantages. An example is the hybrid laptop. You can flip the keyboard over or even click it loose, so that you only have a touch screen that you can use as a tablet. The advantage of such a 2-in-1 laptop? You can work productively with the keyboard, while in tablet mode you get the most out of the touch screen. There are three types of 2-in-1 laptops with the common denominator that they all have a touch screen and can be used as a tablet. The difference is in the way you change the 2-in-1 from laptop to tablet.

The variant that most closely resembles a traditional laptop uses a 360-degree hinge that allows you to fold the screen completely. The advantage is that these laptops of the three mentioned 2-in-1 types have the best keyboard, and that you can never forget it because it is simply attached to the laptop. The disadvantage is that such a 2-in-1 is relatively thick and heavy in tablet mode. Especially useful if you are looking for a laptop that you only want to use as a tablet occasionally.

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The second variant goes a step further and consists of a tablet that is clicked into a keyboard. This means you really have a separate tablet, but at the same time a device with which you can also type on your lap. Compared to a convertible with a 360 degree hinge, the balance in laptop use is less well distributed, it tends to tilt backwards on the lap. After all, all technology is in the “screen”, which is therefore relatively heavy. Sometimes the manufacturer processes an extra battery in the keyboard dock, which gives you more working time in laptop mode.

The third category is actually a tablet on which you click a separate keyboard, which also serves as a protective case or cover for that laptop. The Microsoft Surface is the best-known device in this category, but the concept is also used by other manufacturers. The advantage of such a convertible is that it is the lightest form, but you do have a keyboard with you. The disadvantage is that the typing comfort is less good, especially since you cannot actually use such a device on your lap.

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