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3 Different Types of Roofing Companies

Getting a great Denver commercial roofing contractor to repair or build a roof isn’t as easy as it may seem. Most roofers are prohibitively expensive, unavailable for small repair jobs, or not equipped to handle mega projects. Then there is the issue of roofers niching down to commercial, residential, and system-specific teams. That’s why picking the right roofer can be incredibly confusing for the average business owner.

Here are three differences between roofing contractors so you can make an informed decision.

Commercial Roofing Companies

Roofing Companies

Commercial contractors play in the big league of roofing. These guys handle big projects with over 5,000 sq. ft, and they usually install flat or slightly sloped roofs. They also use unique materials like single-ply, silicone roof coating, and polyurethane foam.

Commercial teams have a large team of experienced roofers on their payroll and plenty of equipment such as roof hoists, bunghole mixers, and moisture detection tools. They usually work in teams of 5 to 20, depending on the size and complexity of a project.

Ideally, you want to work with a commercial roofer with a ton of experience in the specific roofing system you want. To achieve this, ask for recommendations from neighboring businesses or request to see a portfolio with similar projects. The last thing you want is to become the first commercial roof project for any team, no matter how experienced they might be with other roofing systems.

Next, ask for certification, licenses, and relevant memberships. This is how you’ll know if you’re dealing with a legit contractor. You might also want to check if the team has a warehouse you can look at, an administrative unit on payroll, and insurance for the crew.

Residential Roofing Companies

Residential roofers install asphalt shingles in homes. They are usually a smaller team of 5 – 20 people that specialize in building steep roofs. These teams can complete 2,000 sq. ft projects in about five days. 

Generally, a residential roofing company is your best bet when looking to build or repair your home’s roof. They will have enough equipment to handle small jobs and know what to do after assessing the site for damage and complexities.

Expect to see a couple of 30° to 40° degree ladders, cordless drills, pop rivet guns, and roof cleaning supplies. These pieces of equipment will be less complicated than those of a commercial roofer, but they should be enough to reliably complete residential projects. 

To find a good residential roofer, use the same vetting procedure as with finding a commercial roofer. However, this time you’ll be looking for a residential roofing company. 

System Specific Roofing Companies

Roofing Companies

In a bid to win customer trust, some commercial and residential roofing companies have niched down to a specific roofing system. For example, a residential roofer may decide to build and maintain gable roofs exclusively. That means they will have a ton of experience with that roofing system, making them your best option when looking to implement a similar design.

Here are some of the niches in commercial roofing.

Polyurethane foam roofers: This is one of the most popular ways to repair a leaky commercial roof because of the immense cost savings. The roofers spread a liquid on top of the existing roof to create a closed-cell, monolithic layer. That makes the roof water-tight and adds 10-20 years to its lifetime. For best results, engage a commercial roofer who specializes in polyurethane foam installations.

Single-ply: This is another cheap roofing system that involves placing sheets of rubber or synthetic on a flat or slightly sloped roof.  These pieces can be mechanically fastened or chemically adhered to the roof structure. Finding a single-ply roofing expert shouldn’t be too hard as it’s one of the most popular roofing systems for commercial buildings.

Metal roof: This roofing system is becoming increasingly popular in the US, with commercial buildings being the force behind its popularity. You can get custom size tin sheets from the factory, which is why they are so popular with commercial buildings. This type of roofing system takes a considerably short time to complete, but you might need to remove any existing roofing for best results.

Silicone roof coatings: This is a newer roof layering system that replaces saturated roof parts with similar dry materials. After that, the team pours a silicon coating on top of the repaired roof to create a water-tight seal. This method is low cost, easy to implement, but you might have to rebuild the entire thing if you already have two roofing systems on it.

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