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10 Good Things to Know Before Heading to Iceland

When it comes to experiences, there really is no place like Iceland. Being able to boast about active volcanos, the Golden Circle, aurora borealis, not to mention hot springs and midnight sun, makes Iceland a fierce competitor when it comes to paradises on earth. How to best tackle this vacation beast then? Well, as of late travellers visiting Iceland tend to explore the island on their own, i.e. they rent a vehicle of their choice based on the nature of the trip. Based on this preference, places advertising camper rental Iceland have seen anincrease in activity. If this is something you would like to learn more about, you can find more information here and on sites just like this. Due to the increase in popularity, there is an abundance of information available, which is good since it is important to come prepared. Iceland is breathtakingly beautiful but it is also a wild and untamed landscape and travellers are wise to be cautious. Is there then the perfect guide to Iceland? Most likely not. The diversity of Iceland doesn’t allow for such a thing. What is a better approach is to make a list of suggestions, add that to what you need to know before visiting and you should be set!

The first 3

1. The first thing most travellers become aware of when researching a trip to Iceland is the unpredictability of the Icelandic weather. Of course, there is a difference based on when you decide to go, i.e. during the summer months or perhaps the winter season, but the weather in Iceland is infamous for its strength and durability. In the spring, winter clings and the roads, for instance, can be quite traitorous. The same goes for the climate in autumn, this is not really a season, more a prolonging of summer.

2. This leads to the second most important thing to know before visiting Iceland, the roads. As most people seem to find it enjoyable to rent a vehicle and drive themselves around the island, this is important. Of course there is still the option of joining day tours, however, the freedom that comes with motorhome or car rental in Iceland is unprecedented. In combination with the Icelandic weather, the conditions of the roads are unpredictable and it is important to be aware of their changing nature. Be sure to consult the Icelandic Met Office to be on the safe side.

3. Once you have the weather and the roads covered, it’s time to consider the type of vehicle you should be renting. Do you plan to spend time on the south coast or north coast? Are you planning to make use of the F-roads (mountain roads) or are you staying on Route 1? Depending on which type of trip you are planning there is a multitude of choices of vehicles. Rent a motorhome, a 4×4, a 2DW or a campervan, it’s really up to you and the type of journey you have planned when travelling to Iceland.

What about the rest?

4. Driving around Iceland is spectacular. But you also need to be aware of certain necessities such as the fact that the gas stations only accept credit cards, car insurance is mandatory and it is possible to drive around the entire island in about 15 hours if you follow the Ring Road.

5. Volcanic eruptions aside, travellers visiting Iceland has an abundance of treasures to explore. Before heading out though it’s probably a good thing to make sure you adjust your travel plan to the daily weather forecast, especially if you are driving yourself. Then it is simply a matter of choosing which sites to take in.

6. If you travel to Iceland with the intention of hiking for instance, then East Iceland or Austurland is the best choice. Park the car and gear up, ready to take in the majestic scenery complete with waterfalls and stunning nature.

7. Even though Iceland is wildly famous for its many hot springs, if you have this item on your bucket list, make sure to visit one of the smaller ones and pass on the Blue Lagoon. It will make for a much more intimate experience and you most likely won’t have to wait in line.

8. Don’t forget Reykjavik. Iceland is the nature lover’s paradise but the capital of this stunning island is also worth a visit.

9. Iceland is the perfect place to combine travel leisure with adventure and between the lava fields and the spa facilities, there really is something for everyone.

10. With pleasant average temperatures, the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and more than enough to keep you occupied for days on end, the last thing to remember before traveling to Iceland, is that it is always possible to come back.