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Improve Mental Stability with Group Counseling

What Is group counseling?

Group counseling is a session in which there are a few people sitting in a room together, mostly comprised of ten or less people with a leader or one to two therapists for the group. It is a session where people talk to each other and interact without any hesitation. They talk about their personal feelings, opinions, thoughts, and how they look at certain issues in their life. In this article, we will mainly talk about how these group counseling sessions help a person overcome their problems and slowly and steadily progress in their life to have mental peace and stability.

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Types of group counseling sessions

  • Self-help groups

Self-help groups are groups that mainly consist of previous clients. They talk about their personal experiences and how they dealt with them with the help of therapy and other resources. There is a sense of mutual understanding between the participants as all of them deal with the same problems and issues.

  • Medication groups

Medication groups are usually for people who deal with certain mental disorder or problem, such as depression or anxiety or bipolar disorder. In these sessions the therapist helps them to overcome their disorders, talk openly about their mental health and be more expressive about how they feel.

  • Creative groups

In creative therapy the clients come together and express their mental health or suffering and problems through their creativity, such as art, music, painting dancing etc.It helps them to destress and makes them feel less anxious. This way they open up about their difficulties and the therapist can also understand each of the participants better in the way that they choose to express themselves through creativity and art.

Advantages of group counseling

You are not alone- humans tend to feel like they are the only one dealing with a particular issue or problem, but in a group session they get to see others who deals with the same problem or situation and it helps them to believe that it is normal to have mental health issues. They are not alone in this.

Come forward- group session helps in building up confidence as they see they are not alone in this. Clients get to hear others and their way of dealing with their problems and in this way, it helps the client to embrace themselves and speak up about their own way of dealing with the same issue. The exchange of perspective helps them to understand the problem and overcome it in a better way.

Trusting- when the clients see each other talking about themselves and revealing their issues and problems it helps them to build a better relationship with each other and with their own self. The clients also feels a notion of trust with their therapist as they notice them giving the same advice and counseling to their peers. Such group sessions help in building up better bonds with their therapist.

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