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Convertible Bean Bag Bed: Why Everyone Should Have One

If you aren’t familiar with the convertible bean bag bed, let us introduce you.  Unlike the plastic covered, polystyrene pellet-filled bean bags you remember from long ago, the convertible bean bag bed offers something completely different on the inside:  each convertible bean bag bed has a mattress inside!  Instead of a traditional bean bag fill, these bean bags are filled with an actual mattress (available in multiple sizes).  Each mattress is filled with a blend of furniture grade polyurethane foam cut into different shapes and sizes to ensure the mattress is completely comfortable when slept upon, and also creates a great place to sit when sat upon.  There are many reasons why owning a convertible bean bag bed can be beneficial.  Here are just a few.

Convertible bean bag beds save space. If you’ve ever had overnight guests and struggled to find a place for them to sleep, you needn’t worry any longer.  By owning a convertible bean bag bed you’ll not only get the benefit of having additional seating available in any room of your home, you’ll have a cleverly concealed mattress awaiting overnight guests.  You can also use your guest room for something other than a guest room, by removing the standard (likely uncomfortable) bed and replacing it with a convertible bean bag bed.  By day, your new room can function as a game room, media room, play room, library, or anything else.  By night (or whenever you have company) the room can serve as guest sleeping quarters by simply removing the outer shell of the bean bag and pulling out the mattress.

Convertible bean bag beds are comfortable.  If you are as into comfort as we are, you want to make sure that every seat in your home is inviting and comfortable.  You just can’t get comfort from a hard backed accent chair.  A better option is to opt for a convertible bean bag bed.  Nothing is more plush and relaxing than sinking into a convertible bean bag chair that is filled with a foam-stuffed mattress.  These chairs are stylish so you’ll never have to sacrifice your decorative flare.  They are incredibly comfortable and are a perfect fit for any room in your home.  They are also versatile and easily moved from one location to another.  Owning a convertible bean bag bed means you can change the style of your room based on season, mood, or need.

Convertible bean bag beds are versatile.   As previously mentioned, the versatility of a convertible bean bag bed cannot be touched by a standard bed or chair.  While standard beds and chairs are difficult to move, a convertible bean bag bed can be dragged from one location to another with great ease, meaning if you have a need for an additional seat in another room, you can just drag the bean bag into that room.  If you need an extra bed for a sleepover in a child’s room, simply move the convertible bean bag bed to the child’s room.  You can also change the location of the bean bag based on season (make room for the Christmas tree) or even mood.  One of the most appealing features of a convertible bean bag bed is that you are never “locked in” to your design; you can change it when and how you want with very little effort.

Owing a convertible bean bag bed provides a level of comfort and style to your space that standard furniture cannot match.  Convertible bean bag beds are comfortable as seats and as beds, and are incredibly versatile.  They can be moved from location to location depending on need.  They’re a great, space saving way to host overnight guests without owning an additional bed that only gets used on occasion.