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A Face Scrub for A Fresh Start: Glow with a New Skin

Having a radiant complexion is something that is on every person’s wish list. Having to look at your face in the morning and not having to witness the alerting redness of an impending acne or feeling like your skin is stretched over your face are nothing short of a blessing. Our skins have a diabolical sense of balance. If they are too oily, acnes rise in protest from the oily puddles of our skin and if they are too dry, skin becomes a welcome mat for eczema. And don’t even let me get started on the dull skin that makes you appear twice as old or tired. Is there anyone out there that has never wished to have the soft skin of the new born babies and the glow of adolescence?

So far the methods had been rustic and brought more damage than good, like using harsh loofahs to remove dead skin or using homemade masks that mostly contain of sugar crystals which can cut the skin in the process of clearing the dead skin cells. But it has been a while since the introduction of face scrubs which seem to be the suitable choice for saying goodbye to dead and cells and having a fresh and soft facial skin.


Like a majestic snake that sheds its skin for a new one, process of exfoliation is the shedding of dead skin cells which would then result in a new and nearly flawless skin. What a face scrub does is actually exfoliating your facial skin to leave you with a smoother skin, free of rough patches, and faded acne scars and dark spots.  When you are young, you have no concern about skin cells, dead or alive, since your skin works its natural process and sheds the dead ones in a 28-days cycle, but as you get older, the perfect machine that guarantees your impeccable complexion fails to do its job and the dead cells remain on the skin for more than 40 days and even sometimes up to 80 days. This is when it needs a little help.

Dead skin cells might seem miniature but when you see that these tiny devils make your skin look patchy, broken and dull, and worst of all, block other skin care products to absorb fully and maximize your health and beauty, they reveal themselves to be the giant barrier that they are. In the older methods of exfoliation, aka using physical force to rub those dead cells off, the harm is more than the benefit, and this is why the new method, using face scrubs that contain chemical exfoliators, are more handy and favorable. These chemicals gently dissolve the glue that holds the dead cells on the surface of your skin and relieves your face from them, making it revert to its youthful state.


Face scrubs seem to be the go-to option for the acne-prone skins and dry one, and there are 2 different chemicals that shoulder the responsibility for these face scrubs:

  • Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs): this chemical is found in face scrubs for dry skins and sensitive skins because they exfoliate the surface AND draw moisture.
  • Beta hydroxy acids (BHAs): this chemical is usually used in face scrub for oily skins and their task is to treat zits and blackheads and prevent the skin from developing acne due to its oiliness.

Choosing your right face scrub is as important as any part of skin care routine since if not chosen wisely, they can be just as evil as not using them. Overexfoliation and using the wrong type of face scrub can crack your skin and make it lose its moisture and cause rashes or inflammation. Dermatologist suggest that people with warts, inflammatory acne, or herpes might want to consult a dermatologist before using face scrubs for acne and such, and they also strongly advise to moisturize the exfoliated skin right after exfoliation to prevent the skin from drying and keep it hydrated. To see articles on more skin related topics, click here.

The risks of using face scrubs are very low unless you have a rare skin condition. In addition, applying face scrubs is much easier than physically scrubbing your face with brushes or loofahs. It goes without saying that consistency is very important when it comes to using any skincare product. So it’s good to remember that for seeing the effects of face scrubs on skin, you should be patient. You should commit to it every day to reward yourself with the flawless skin that you desire.

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