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New Smart City Planned for Arizona

Located in the Phoenix metro area, Belmont is the new smart city in the works by Bill Gates in the state of Arizona.

We first heard about Bill Gates’ plan for a smart city in November of 2017. The actual start of the project dates back to October when Gates purchased 24,000 acres right outside of Buckeye for $80 million. More recently, Gates purchased an additional 2,800 acres in Buckeye.

What is a Smart City?

As of now, there isn’t much information on the smart city that Gates has planned. Since he purchased the additional acres in Buckeye, things have gone silent about his plans.

What we do know is that Gates wants to create a smart city the size of Tempe. This will be a town with forward-thinking communication with the community and infrastructure, all while embracing cutting edge technology. The smart city will be designed around high-speed digital networks, data centers, and much more.

Why Phoenix?

Phoenix happens to be an ideal choice for a smart city. It is already home to phenomenal growth with real estate, technology, construction, and pretty much all aspects of the economy.

Plus, Phoenix is home to some high tech companies, which will only support and benefit the nearby smart city.

The Benefits of a Smart City Already Showing

Even though the smart city is just in talks right now, the Phoenix area is already seeing some benefits.

Due to the news of the smart city, it is causing new housing areas to pop up. Single and family homes along with communities are in the works since the smart city and strong economy in Phoenix are attracting more people from all around.

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