Friday, April 23, 2021

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Things to Consider When Remodeling a Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is a job of intense planning and working out all the possibilities to remake the space to match the current requirements. The purpose of the area should, in no way, be hampered by reconstruction. A quick rundown of the things that should be your top priorities while remodeling your bathroom is detailed below.

  • Plumbing and bathroom floor

Bathroom drainage is hugely spoilt by logging because of the quantity of gunk and hair that is likely to pass down the pipeline. The typical household uses bathroom plumbing parts or drainage pipes measuring 1½ inch diameter. However, if you wish to remodel the space, there is nothing better than an increased functionality.

Replacing the existing pipelines with 2-inch ones, if the dimensions are supported by your building framework would be a great move. You can also switch to smaller tiles to avoid a slippery floor. An acrylic or porcelain flooring can also be opted to magnify the overall efforts that you put into remodeling your bathroom.

  • Appropriate lighting

An improved illumination can enhance any random space at any given time and this holds true in all senses when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. Other than investing in faucet rebuild kits, what one can also do is to fix the lighting of the place. Smart lighting can help you set the mood of the bathroom from functioning makeup lights or ones that you need while trimming your beard to dimmer aesthetic shades that help you relax while dipping yourself in the tub.

  • Cabinets and drawers for storage

Storage occupies a large part of the overall look of a place and one definitely needs to go the extra mile in this case. Bathroom remodeling is a lot about how well you can store your toiletries and still make it look effortless. While on one hand, a minimalistic cabinet for the first aid items is vital, other storage can be covered in drawers. Storage doors occupy a bigger space and get clumsy to maintain while drawers can be a clever alternative.

  • Ventilation and wall hung toilets

Your bath space witnesses the most humidity when compared to all other rooms and thus, it’s crucial to keep the area well ventilated. Installation of a window will not only serve this purpose but will also enhance attraction quotient. However, it is necessary that you keep into consideration the materials used, such as frosted glass panels for privacy and waterproofing to avoid chipping of the sills. Wall hung toilets have also been in the bathroom trend recently and can help in optimized space usage. However, you will have to restructure the supply as well as the drainage network for their installation.

The first thing that one needs to focus on while remodeling or renovating any space is the functionality. You can plan out the entire design according to your needs and figure out what goes best with the trends. However, it is better if you consult an interior designer and have all the possible provinces available to suit best space.

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