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5 Curvy Girl Fashion Trends This Fall

Curvy girls have a chance to truly shine this Fall with these amazing fashion trends for the coming season. The air gets colder, the nights are longer, but the fashion is as hot as the middle of summer! Check out these luxury plus size women’s clothing fashion trends for this coming Fall.

1. Bold Colors

When you think of Fall, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is the multitude of stunning colors all around. Whether it’s the bright orange, yellow, or red of the falling leaves, or the magnificent mixed brush-stroke look of a morning sunrise, Fall is renowned for its bold colors and stunning natural patterns.

Fashion demands that we respond in turn to such bold beauty, and thus, the bold single-color look is coming into the Fall 2019 lineup. We especially like a deep cobalt blue top or a deep burgundy jacket with a plain tan sweater underneath. Don’t forget to iron out the entire look with some stylish boots (we prefer knee-high) and a skinny belt to accentuate the transitions between top and bottom.

Bold colors work well because they’re simple, yet they say so much. You’ll feel right at home with one of Nature’s most breathtaking displays, showing off your own colors and setting the standard for ladies of all shapes and sizes.

2. Knee-High Boots

So what exactly can you put on your feet to complete the bold colors (or really any other look on this list)? Knee-high boots, of course! Knee-high boots come in dozens of styles, but the fact remains that this stylish footwear trends will serve to accent the best parts of your outfit, and leave you feeling comfortable and gorgeous.

You can opt for a simple, single-buckle boot, or you can go a little deeper into the look, and try a pair of military-esque laced boots. Whatever look you choose, you’re sure to turn a few heads when you walk by. This look goes especially well with our bold colors suggestion. Picture this: a deep burgundy jacket, light tan sweater, a pair of comfortable denim jeans, and your favorite earrings accenting the beautiful curves of your face. Now that’s Fall fashion.

3. Sweater Jackets

Sweater jackets are very much in style this Fall and for good reason. Not only are they simple and elegant, but they come in a multitude of colors and styles to go with any look. You can opt for a thigh-length jacket to offer some extra warmth and comfort, or a waist-length jacket for a casual yet stylish addition to your outfit.

Sometimes, you just want to go casual without being unfashionable, and that’s where the sweater jacket comes in. When the crisp fall air starts biting at your arms, cover them up with a comfortable and stylish option that you can mix and match with just about anything in your wardrobe. Opt for neutral colors like white, black, and even light tan or grey to maximize the union of patterns.

4. Mix Patterns

Have you ever thought of wearing a plaid button-up over a striped top? Mixing patterned looks is a trendy fashion statement this fall, and it works incredibly well on curvier ladies. Mix and match your favorite pattern looks, and accent it with your favorite shoes and accessories for a unique yet in-style look that simply can’t be replicated.

This look says so much about the person wearing it. Declare your independence and fashion sense with this bold and satisfying look. The important thing to remember when you’re mixing patterns like this is that you don’t want to mix anything that’s too bright. You want your patterns to blend rather than contrast with each other; otherwise, it will just look like you forgot to match your clothes. Keep it simple and use similar colors or colors that blend well together, but avoid too much blending as well.

5. Denim

What would Fall be without a good pair of denim jeans or that warm denim jacket that’s been sitting in your closet since last season? A simple denim skirt can make your outfit really pop, and help accentuate your curvature in the best way. Match your shoes with your top, and you’ve got an outfit for any occasion.

You can also include simple accessories or even a belt to help define the look further. Whatever you choose, be sure to include denim in your Fall 2019 lineup. We certainly will be!


From denim to mixed patterns, Fall offers a unique chance to show off the more eccentric side of your wardrobe. Keep things simple with the bold color look, or venture into more modern styles with a comfortable sweater jacket. Enjoy the cool weather, great foods, and most of all, the incredible fashion trends that Fall brings for us every year.