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10 Steps to Writing an Exemplification Essay

When it comes to writing an exemplification essay, a strong strategy makes the writing process significantly easier. Follow these steps to create a piece that your lecturer will be proud of:

Select an exemplification essay topic

Choosing the appropriate topic for the work is half the fight. A topic should meet at least one characteristic, such as being current, particular, valuable, or distinctive. These themes interest readers because they allow them to obtain current, unique, or unexpected information from the text. Topics should not be restricted to narrow or wide categories since broad is too generic to be of interest, and narrow does not allow for the inclusion of useful examples. When you buy an essay from a trusted service, the writer knows the right topic to choose for your exemplification essay.

Conduct your research

There can be no material if no research is conducted on the writer’s behalf. Remember that the more information obtained, the better the examples are accessible for inclusion in the exemplification essay. It is critical not only to source but also to guarantee that the source is of high quality. 

This implies that you should never rely on freely available and changeable websites like Wikipedia, as they are utterly untrustworthy. Personal blogs are similarly affected. As a result, respectable publications, scientific newspapers, and online encyclopedias produced by the most authoritative authors in their respective fields are the best possibilities to employ.

Use appropriate examples

Exemplification essay examples should be intriguing, but they should also have some applicability. Consider Bill Gates as an example while writing an exemplification essay about leaders and their personal attributes. He worked so hard as the founder of Microsoft that he barely took two weeks’ vacation between 1978 and 1984. This hardworking lifestyle is most appropriate for a leader.

Create your outline

It is critical to organize your examples to enhance the thesis statement in a local order with correct transitions for your exemplification essay outline to establish the primary concept and subtopics that will represent the body paragraphs covering your work. Although there is no holy grail for creating an outline for your exemplification essay, the 5 paragraph style is advised. There is one paragraph for the introduction, one paragraph for the conclusion, and three paragraphs for the body. If you decide to for this type of academic writing, ensure that the writer understands the 5-paragraph rule.

Write the main body

Although it comes after the introduction, the body of an exemplification essay should be written first. Every paragraph in the main body should have an example, a topic phrase, and an appropriate transition. This creates a solid exemplification essay outline.

Make an introduction

The start of an exemplification essay should fulfill three functions: interest, attractiveness, and preparedness. The opening sentence must immediately grab the reader’s attention. Attract readers’ attention with a rhetorical question, a bold remark, or impressive numbers. The following stage is to provide background information about the subject. As a result, readers will feel assured when reading the following instances.

Make a thesis statement

Finally, create a strong thesis statement. This is intended to represent the overall framework of the exemplification essay and should directly connect to the examples given. It must incorporate a factual statement, observation, personal opinion, or a question that the exemplification essay will attempt to address.

When developing the thesis, the student must decide what paper they want to write. Longer papers, such as IB extended essays, need more detailed thesis statements that include various facts or arguments. Shorter essays can have one or more sentences.

It is quite simple to deconstruct an essay just by forming a thesis since it is intended to supply guidance while attempting to produce the outline. Always keep track of your sources and only use the examples that are most relevant to your work. It is preferable to utilize more detailed instances rather than less efficient ones. They must all work in favor of the writer.

Create a conclusion

Good conclusions often cover only 10% of the essay. The thesis statement reminds readers of the essay’s overall theme. Following that, quickly reiterate the sections as a final demonstration of the instances. Then, write the statement that connects everything. Construct it in such a way that there will be no unanswered questions in the readers’ minds. Getting professional writing help ensures that your topic is covered in its entirety, discussing every point that answers the most likely asked questions.

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Proofread and edit your essay

Find and read every weak area in the rough draft of the exemplification essay. Replace them, then remove all mechanical problems like grammar and spelling. If the result is still not satisfactory, repeat the process.

Obtain Feedback

Other people’s perspectives aren’t always relevant. However, when writing, it is beneficial to acquire comments to better arrange the ideas offered.