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Damaged phone? What you should know

You may accidentally drop your phone and end up with a cracked screen. This is a simple fix if you repair your phone at a professional phone service center. The cost of the repair is a major determining factor and this will vary with:

  • The brand of the phone
  • Presence of a warranty
  • The broken screen layers. Digitizer is found on the top layer while LCD is at the bottom layer of the screen.
  • Where you repair. It is costly to repair at apple stores compared to third-party vendors.

How to choose the best technician.

1. Compare the price of an Apple technician to that of a third-party phone service center. The technician will:

  • Assess the extent of the damage.
  • Identify the model of the phone.
  • See if there is a warranty.

2. Check the technician’s review

It is important to choose skilled technicians to make sure your phone looks good as new. Do your research and know what other clients are saying about that technician. Ask for photos of the previous repairs they did.

Phone service repair

They save you the stress of having to buy a new phone or fixing it yourself. Purchasing a new phone is expensive compared to repairing it. The warranty will be void if you repair your iPhone by yourself. Repairing a cracked phone will take less time than setting up a new phone.

What to know

  1. The phone repair shop should offer a warranty on every repair.
  2. Back up your data before any repair is done. This will help you not to lose data.
  3. Avoid internet hacks that trick you to fix a cracked screen yourself without replacing it completely. You may damage your phone further.
  4. To secure your data, copy it from your phone to your computer. Erase the data and factory reset before taking it for repair.
  5. Always inquire about the cost before any repair is done. Know your budget to avoid paying too much.
  6. It is good to have a backup phone in case fixing takes longer than expected. The technician may find another problem and this might take longer to fix. 
  7. After the fix, make a point of checking to see if the phone is working properly. This should be done before leaving the store.

Screen damage

The extent of the damage will determine the cost incurred. It can be a slight crack or the screen is shattered completely such that your phone won’t turn back on.

1. Minor damage

The screen consists of small cracks. The screen will light up and the phone continues to function properly.

2. Moderate damage

The screen has several cracks. The screen will light up and continue to work well. Moisture and dust can cause more damage.

3. Significant damage

The cracks on the screen are a lot such that the touch screen no longer works well. If the phone lights up, the repair will be easy.

4. Major damage

A lot of major cracks are visible on the screen. The phone won’t light up or if it does, it will show lots of static.


Fixing broken and damaged phones are done by a phone service center. They should be able to deliver quality work within a short time. It is advisable to ask for a price estimate before any job is started. Whenever you find yourself looking for a technician to repair your phone, always consider the facts stated in this article.