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Is It Better To Spray Or Roll Paint?

Are you thinking of giving your home a new splash of color? The wall in the early phases of remodeling is a blank canvas. Are some DIY ideas bubbling up in your mind? Let’s bring those ideas to life. Painting your room will add a much-needed oomph to your interior. With so many options in hand, you might get confused. The easiest option is to consult with painting contractors in Reston – they will help you out in paining your dream room. But, are you a DIY enthusiast planning to take matters into your hands? Read along- we have mentioned the pros and cons of both methods. Make sure to explore the pointers before starting with the DIY painting project.

Let’s Get It Rolling:

No one can go wrong with roll painting! Roll painting ensures better color consistency and a thicker paint layer. Rolling is a slower method of painting, but it gives you a more quality result. If you choose to go with roller painting, you must know that it comes with less prep work. 

  • The process of masking while roll painting is less hectic compared to spray painting, 
  • There is no need to mask the ceiling when rolling the walls. Thus, you can easily exclude painting.
  • You will need only a few things- paint, rollers, roller covers, and a paint tray. 
  • Roll-painting is easy. You get lots of rest.
  • With no wastage of paint, you get a chance to take full advantage of the money you have spent. Every drop of the paint will go on the surface. 
  • Roller-painting helps you in covering a dirty surface with more precision. Moreover, you can ditch the hassle of walking the extra step of cleaning your surface.
  • Roller paint means a thick initial coat that bonds better with the surface.
  • You can clean up quickly.

However, it comes with its own set of cons.

  • It can leave brush marks on the surface if you are doing it yourself.
  • On the other hand, contacting painting contractors in Reston can be expensive in comparison to DIY.

Get The Spray Paint Ready:

  • Paint spraying is faster than roller paint.
  • You will find it easy to finish high volume jobs with spray paint.
  • Breathe a sigh of relief as spraying does not leave brush or roller marks
  • Contrary to roller-painting, spray painting is cheaper when done by painting contractors in Reston.
  • You get a more precise finish as the tiny droplets do not fuse.
  • You can cover a larger space in less time.
  • You have lots of detailed textures.
  • You can paint narrow spaces with spray paints.

Here are the cons of Spray painting:

  • Spray painting means a thin coating of paint.
  • The risks of drips and runs in DIY projects are high.
  • It is time-consuming.
  • Spray painting wastes a considerable amount of paint.
  • The maintenance and cost of spray painting supplies are expensive.

Take The First Step:

With the right painting supplies, you can pull off a pretty good job- no matter what you choose! But, first is PLANNING! The two different painting methods by painting contractors in Reston give different textures and results. Plan how you want your idea to look on the blank canvas of walls. Then you can choose accordingly. Complete the measurement work on your space before starting. Organize and keep all the supplies ready so that you do not have to wait any longer!

Keep The Following In Mind While Going All DIY:

No matter what you choose, spray or roll painting, safety should be the priority. Even though the whole DIY project can be fun, it is always better to keep the following tips and tricks in mind: 

  • Make sure to have enough ventilation.
  • Move your furniture way away from your work area.
  • You might need a few extra coats while roll painting for better results.
  • Avoid lead-based products
  • Personal protective gears and dust masks will keep you safe from the chemicals in the paint.
  • Be safe while working around electrical outlets.

Trust The Professionals For A Flawless Result:

Professional painting contractors in Reston use a technique that brings the best qualities of spraying and rolling together. It is called back-rolling. At first, the painters spray the paint on the wall and quickly roll it down to fuse the droplets. Does this sound like something you would want in your room? Get ready to transform your room! If you want your room to pop out brilliantly, connect with a professional now! 

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