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Top 10 Tips In Creating The Perfect Home Office You Want to Work In

More than half of UK employees work from home these days. According to studies, remote working privileges have increased morale and employee performance. People simply feel less stressed when working from home.

Having said that, it’s still important to create a home office you actually want to work in. Critically, a home office should be comfortable, inspirational and aid productivity. Here’s what you need.

Comfortable Chair

Sedentary jobs are not good for your back. Studies have shown that sitting at a desk all day can create havoc with your musculoskeletal structure later in life. Ergonomic office chairs encourage you to sit in the correct posture and can be adjusted for optimum comfort.

Install Plants

Pot plants add an extra dimension to a room and have been found to enhance mood and produce better air-quality in a room. Bring your home office to life by installing greenery in unused corners.

Create a Comfy Spot

Staring at a screen all day can be harmful to your eyes and fry your brain. Give yourself time to rest and think by creating a comfortable spot away from the desk. If you’ve got the space, a couch to lay on is the best option although a beanbag is a fun alternative.

Fresh Fragrance

Filling a room with a fresh aroma is inviting and can help to improve productivity. Pleasant smells are known to lower stress levels, boost cognitive responses and calm the limbic system – which governs emotions and long-term memory. In short, fresh fragrances help clear the mind.

Paint for Productivity

Colors evoke certain emotions and can be used to stimulate cognitive patterns of behavior. Painting the walls of your home office in soothing colors that stimulate the imagination can help with productivity and performance. Cool purples, yellows and cream awaken the brain without overloading it.

Spacious Desk

Most office jobs involved sifting through a lot of paper and small desks do not allow you the space to spread your work out and still find the post-its. A spacious desk creates the illusion that you have more space and freedom and helps to make you feel less confined.

Ergonomically Oriented

Maintaining comfort levels is a key factor when designing a home office. If you sit in a slouched position or have to stretch to type, you will feel the aches and pains gradually getting worse. Sit with the top of your computer screen at eye level and your arms and hips at 90-degree angles.

Efficient Storage

One of the biggest issues a lot of remote workers encounter in a home office is a lack of storage space. Subsequently, files, folder and books typically get scattered around so you can’t find them. Large book cases and corner cabinets enable you to make best use of the space you have and create sufficient storage space so that everything has its place.

Wall Lighting

Overhead lights in a home office cast shadows and are typically inadequate. Subsequently, poor lighting can strain your eyes and cause you to tire easily. Invest in a wall lamp and position it near your desk so you have sufficient lighting without being overpowered.

Natural Light

We need natural sunlight to help keep the body and mind in good condition so, if possible, position your desk near a window. If your home office overlooks a street, park or anywhere else that might distract you from your work, you should probably sit facing away from the action outside.

If you’re joining the millions of UK workers that have swapped the company office for a home office, give plenty of thought to creating an office you want to spend time in.