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How Do I choose The Right Vape Pen Brand?

Vape pens sure have a come a long way. There’s now an incredible assortment of pens and related accessories that make it difficult to find one that really suits your specific needs. Here are a few things you should look out for.

1.) Does the product or company have a good safety record?

Vaping is much safer than traditional smoking. However, there are still risks involved, and those risks often become unacceptable when you buy pens from a sketchy, unknown company. Make sure to do your research and look for reviews of the specific model of pen that you are considering. If you can’t find the specific model, at least check the company that makes the pen to see if there are any red flags to be found.

2.) Are the products simple to use?

The point of owning a vape pen is to use it. You will use it a lot less if it’s too complex, and that means you will not see its health benefits as you would with a simpler product. If it’s your first time to get a vape pen, try to look for the simplest, safest products you can, as this will help you get better used to transitioning to vape pens from traditional smoking.

3.) What are you planning to vape?

E-liquids, herbs, CBD, oils and other “vapables” are best used in pens specifically designed for them. While plenty of pens let you vape virtually anything, there are some that come with design features that make them more suited for one thing or another. If you’re interested in trying out a wide range of things to vape, it’s best to get a pen that could accommodate those. But if you’re focusing on vaping just one thing, say CBD oil for medical reasons, then it makes much more sense to get a vape pen that is specifically designed for CBD.

4.) Are the products within your price range?

We strongly advise against getting the cheapest possible vape pens, as these have been responsible for the majority of vape-related accidents, which are thankfully still quite rare overall. On the other hand, you want to get the best possible vape pen that you can afford that allows you to easily vape the materials you want it to.
It makes little sense, however, to get extremely expensive luxury vape pens if you’re new to vaping. Instead, try to look at mid-priced brands, as these will more often hit the “sweet spot” for value and functionality.

5.) Is the vape pen pleasant to use?

While it’s not always possible to try before you buy, take every opportunity to do this when you’re starting out. Some people realize that vape pens aren’t for them, and that’s OK. It’s better to realize this before you actually get deep into it. However, if you’d already made the firm decision to vape, make sure that whatever brand you choose gives you on overall pleasant experience. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your pen, so it’s best that you actually enjoy it!

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