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The Complete Guide to Picking Sidings for Homes: Everything to Know

Are you beginning to consider renovations to your home? Changes to the outside of your house are a great way to improve the way it looks, make it run better, and save energy.

At the same time, they can also increase your home’s value. That’s why more and more homeowners are choosing to incorporate exterior changes.

Not sure where to start? Sidings are a great option that can help protect your home and add an attractive touch. Start with our complete guide to picking siding for homes below!

Comparing Popular Siding Materials

Comparing popular types of siding materials is an important step when trying to pick the best one for your home. There are a variety of siding materials available to choose from, and some are better suited for certain climates or budgets.


Vinyl, for instance, is a popular low-cost choice and is available in many different colors and textures. It is also very low-maintenance and weather-resistant.


Wood is another popular option and is favored for its natural look and ability to be painted or stained in a desired color. However, it requires more maintenance as weather and rot can damage the material over time.

Aluminum and Fiber Cement

Finally, aluminum and fiber cement are two other materials that are long-lasting and perfect for intense climates. Evaluating each of these siding materials based on the environment, budget, and desired look will allow you to make the best choice.

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Tips for Choosing Colors

When selecting colors during the siding installation process, there are many factors to consider. You’ll want to pick colors that complement both the home and the surrounding landscape.

You should also think about the climate and how the colors will look in different types of weather. Popular house siding colors range from light blue, gray, and green to more vibrant colors like terracotta, plum, and rust. Other color choices include lighter shades of blue, green, beige, and yellow.

When choosing colors for siding, it’s best to stick to colors that don’t distract from the home, blend well with the landscape, and work in any type of weather. Taking these factors into account should help you pick siding colors that will look perfect on your home.

Cost Considerations

Cost considerations are a key factor when picking siding for a home. It’s important to understand the material cost, installation cost, and lifetime cost when selecting the appropriate siding.

Vinyl siding is typically the cheapest siding option, and it also has the lowest lifetime cost due to no maintenance costs or painting. Brick or stone siding has the highest material cost but has a low lifetime cost due to minimal maintenance.

Wood siding is of mid-range cost and has a moderate maintenance cost, but its durability and classic look make it a popular choice in many homes. Additionally, labor costs should be considered in when calculating house siding costs, as this cost can vary based on the type of siding, the area of installation, and the siding contractor selection.

Everything to Know About Picking Siding for Homes

With this guide, you have all the necessary information for picking siding for homes regarding the material, style, and color that best suits your exterior. Don’t wait; start building the home of your dreams today!

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