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6 Ways to Ensure Optimum Visual Impact With Marketing

There’s no arguing that this generation is a highly visually driven one, so marketing is mostly about images and other visual elements.

Proving this are countless studies that show how people find online content more engaging when relevant images are included. Such online content performs 94 percent better than those without pictures or videos.

Besides that, information presented through infographics typically generates 12 percent more traffic and gets shared by around 200 percent more.

Generally, visuals are naturally powerful marketing components because 90 percent of the information processed by human beings is visual. That being said, if you want to create compelling marketing content that catches your target audience’s attention and locks them in, it’s a must to invest in the quality of all the visual elements you use.

To do this, here are six of the top ways to do so.

1. Meaningful logo design

According to a top branding agency in Dubai, logo design is vital in establishing brand identity. It’s the image that automatically reveals what a company stands for and what it does, that’s why it’s stamped on company stationery, packaging, and the products themselves.

On top of that, a logo sets a brand apart from its competitors and it’s one of the visual components that ensures brand recall. Therefore, there’s no stressing enough how crucial it is to think deeply into what a logo should look like, so it’s unique and memorable, which is why it’s best to work with the best logo design services.

2. Attractive photography

One of the top sources of visual marketing materials is photography. There are so many items to take pictures of to use for promoting the brand, its products, and other offerings. A product photographer Dubai startups turn to says that photographs are high-performing marketing tools, particularly if you utilize them strategically on social media.

Likewise, you will need pictures for all the promotional paraphernalia that you intend to use. As such, it’s essential to work with an experienced photographer to provide your company with a collection of artistic, detailed, high-quality pictures. The images should not only impress whoever sees them, but also depict reality in a fascinating way.

3. Thoughtful typography

Visual elements for marketing are not just about eye-catching images. They include all the written content as well. Text is not something people zone in on right away, that’s why typography matters.

Technically speaking, typography is a “concept of traditional print design that consists of art, arrangement of text or layout, design, and others.” However, it’s more focused on directing information on texts to get people to behave favorably toward the company.

Good typography creates a personality for written material by giving voice to ideas so people can have an easier comprehension of the message being delivered.

Creating good typography can be quite challenging, though; that’s why blogging sites and most marketing sites offer a template, and there are also layout and design consultants for the job.

However, if you can’t hire the pros for help, make sure that the following six elements are present when you’re presenting text-heavy content.

  • Typefaces: These are the text styles used, such as Arial, Calibri, and others.
  • Fonts: These include the typeface but also the size and styling of the letters (bold, italics, underlined).
  • Tracking: This is the provision of space between letters and blocks of text. Tracking is crucial in enhancing text readability by taking into account text density.
  • Kerning: This is similar to tracking except that it also considers the amount of white or negative space between letter pairings in a vertical context for a more visually tasteful text.
  • Line length: This refers to the length of text from right to left, which can be customized through the adjustment of page margins.
  • Leading: This measures the distance between one line and the ones above and below it, which always needs to be wider than word space. This ensures that the eye moves along, instead of down the lines.

4. Engaging videos

As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Therefore, videos are valuable visuals for marketing, as well. They have proven videos to increase engagement on digital and social platforms because you can have more creative freedom when it comes to educating your end-users.

According to HubSpot, Internet users spend 100 percent more time on pages with videos on, and there’s an 85 percent likelihood of sale when marketing messages are presented through a video.

It’s also common practice in the digital marketing community to create a press release for videos, take out the audio for radio ads, transcribe the spiel, take stills to upload on search engine sites, and so much more.

Indeed, video content offers businesses so many ways to expand their promotional breadth because they can be broken down to create other forms of content.

5. Smart product packaging

The way a product is packaged can also increase interest. This is pretty much the reason why designer brands invest so much in the visual presentation of their products. They hire product packaging consultants to ensure that their market provisions are not just functional but impressively stylish as well.

Product packaging is a major draw for consumers. Studies reveal that typical consumers’ initial judgments about products are based on packaging. If the box or container appeals to their style sensibilities, the higher will be the likelihood of their purchase.

Additionally, product packaging is essential to establish brand identity, as it should reflect brand values or standards.

A lovely example of smart product packaging is Muji’s minimalist product packaging design. It reflects the company’s straightforward standard that simple is beautiful. So when other brands opt for minimalist packaging, the general market automatically compares it to Muji, which has successfully established a style that is a true manifestation of its values.

6. Various traditional and virtual marketing paraphernalia

When marketing products and services, it’s better to provide a good range of visually enticing marketing paraphernalia. Catalogs, brochures, magazines, pamphlets, and posters should be used to increase the fascination of a target market or develop brand awareness.

Likewise, they are essential in creating a positive user experience to help build strong customer relationships. All such marketing paraphernalia should possess the first three visual elements discussed above.

There truly is no arguing the value provided by visuals to marketing. So, if you are looking to boost business performance, one of the smartest moves is to rethink and relaunch the visual elements associated with your enterprise. Second to this is by working with visual experts such as professional photographers, videographers, and designers.

These may be all it takes to create or revive interest in your products and services.

Author Bio

American artist Shea Winter Roggio is a documentary and fine art photographer living in Dubai, UAE. Shea Winter Photography LLC provides documentary, editorial and commercial photography services, along with video, television, and film production services, and retails photographic souvenirs such as fine art prints, canvas, and frames.