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How to conquer Facebook: nuances of promotion in one of the most serious social networks

Facebook has its own algorithms, and it is used by a different audience than Instagram or TicToc. Therefore, promotion here, especially for bloggers who are focused on entertainment content, is considered more difficult. However, still stand out against the background of other bloggers and win the hearts of viewers is real. To do this, you just need to use the tips that we will provide below, as well as find for yourself an assistant in the form of Facebook video maker, such as VJump. Then you will definitely have no creative stagnation and you will be able to create content constantly, without crises.

Tip 1: Analyze the time of activity of your audience

This social network has a lot of tools for analysis that you can use to better understand your viewer. Study what time the average user sits on the platform and put up your videos at that moment. This will get the right activity on your page right away, and your videos won’t get lost in the general stream, but will find their viewer right away.

Tip 2: Add entertainment content in moderation

Facebook is considered a rather serious social network, but even here people like to have fun. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to give them a chance to laugh or just relax watching an interesting video. TikTok editing app will help you in this, as it allows you to edit not only videos for TikTok, but also for other social networks, in particular, and Facebook itself. After all, this platform also supports vertical video format.

Tip 3: Make your content diverse

In addition to entertaining posts, you should also give something useful to your subscribers. These can be posts-recommendations, various informational stories, interesting life stories. It depends on what blog topic you have chosen. Useful content will keep people on your page, as it’s hard to satisfy your audience with entertainment.

Tip 4: Use different themes for your videos

Of course, you can find your thing and constantly make videos according to it. But it’s better to do something different, and TikTok video editor will help you with that. Popular formats are:

  • video with transitions;
  • cloning in the frame;
  • video slices;
  • various animations and effects.

You can edit TikTok videos and then display them not only on TikTok, but also on other platforms, including Facebook. This kind of duplication will help you reach more people.

Also keep in mind that these tips are one-size-fits-all. Every blogger needs to look for something original that will hook his viewers to stay popular for a long time, and the number of subscribers grew. The best TikTok editing app like VJump helps a lot in this.