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Why Swim Spas Are Better than Regular Pools for Rochester Residents

Water therapy is good for several reasons. This is why owning and using a pool comes in very handy. However, there is very little or no possibility of using traditional pools during certain periods of the year.

For example, it gets so cold to a point in Rochester Michigan that using and maintaining one is almost impossible. If you would like to find out how cold it can get in Rochester, Michigan, you can visit:

To put things in perspective, this is around 3 – 4 months of being unable to make the most of a traditional pool. Of course, this is unless you invest heavily in heating your pool. To this end, owning and using swim spas seems like a better alternative.

By and large, some other reasons for this stance will be discussed here. So, keep reading to discover more.

Reasons Why Swimming Spas Are a Better Choice for Rochester Residents

Swimming spas offer quite a lot as many owners and users have realized. However, it is quite surprising how many people still do not know this. This is especially true in the areas where they come off as a better alternative to traditional swimming pools. Some of these areas are discussed below:

Less Water

The average traditional pool requires around 30 liters of water. Well, swimming spas require a lot less than that. To be precise, the number is usually between 8 –10 liters of water. In other words, this means that you would be using 3 – 4 times less water if you make it your choice.


For the record, the concern here is operational cost. Having made this clear, it most definitely costs more to heat 30 liters of water than it would cost to heat around 8 – 10 liters of water. So, it can especially pass for being more energy-efficient.

Furthermore, water loss is one of the usual problems with traditional pools. This is less likely to happen with swimming spas as they are usually built to avoid this. By the way, this also goes to show how eco-friendly this option is since water conservation is an important aspect of environmental sustainability.

Less Space

It takes up less space. As a result of this, some people even have it installed indoors. This means that you would have less worry about where it would fit in. On the other hand, this is not a luxury that people who opt for a swimming pool can afford. You can click here for more on this subject.

Easy Installation

For starters, installation does not seem like the right word to use when talking about swimming pools. Construction is the right word, which suggests that more work is required. On the other hand, it is just an installation with swim spas.

You just have to be conscious about getting the right product and having it properly installed. On the whole, its installation is far less stressful. You can even have it up and running in no time, depending on the state of things.

Amazing Features

Swim spas have several amazing features. Of course, this depends on the product of choice. Some of the amazing features in question include:

Adjustable Current

The constraint of its limited space is one of the common arguments against it. Well, this is no issue because of its adjustable current feature.

This means that you can swim against the tide at varying levels, depending on your preference and swimming competence. This feature particularly makes it good enough for workout purposes.

Temperature Control

This feature is very welcomed by Rochester residents. This is especially during those 3 – 4 months of the year when the cold is at its peak. As a result, it can be used all year long for both relaxation and workout purposes.

Hydrotherapy Jets

As the same suggests, it is the perfect blend of a spa and a swimming pool. On the spa side of things, there are sitting areas that offer hydrotherapeutic benefits. This is mainly about getting hydrotherapeutic massages, which are great for:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Alleviating tension
  • Relieving specific muscle groups
  • Promoting relaxation

So, it is not just about jumping in and performing swimming styles. You gain a lot simply by sitting in the right spot.

Entertainment Features

Life just gets better and more fun-filled with certain swimming spa products. This is because of the entertainment features that they afford. Having observed the market, some of the entertainment features that some options offer include:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-In Speakers
  • TV Screens

However, this does apply to all the options. As a result, people who want to enjoy these features have to go for options that offer them.


By the way, there are way more benefits than the ones disclosed here. However, the ones disclosed here are more than enough reasons to opt for swim spas in Rochester, MI, and beyond. This is instead of opting for a swimming pool.

Furthermore, your choice has to be well-informed. This calls for choosing the right brand, buying from the right source, and ensuring that it is well-installed.