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5 Quick Ideas to Keep You Warmer in Winter

Winter is an ideal time for skating, cross-country skiing and a hot bath in a hot tub. With winter activities, you can produce vitamin D in your body. During short days of winter, even 15 minutes in the sunlight supply sufficient vitamin D to your hands and face.

Vitamin D is necessary to build strong bones, along with some other health benefits. To enjoy the actual benefits of winter, you have to keep you warm to avoid cold, fever and related diseases. Here are 5 quick ideas to keep you warmer in winter.

1. Warm Leggings

In the winter season, your body needs extra layers of cloth to stay warm. Before going outside, you have to wear warm clothing. It is essential to keep your core warm with a dip in temperature. Chilling weather requires you to wear extra shirts or sweaters.

There is no need to worry about your bulky look. Sporting companies, especially design gear for cold weather to make you look slim. Ladies can wear leggings instead of long underwear. Nowadays, hiking-gear manufacturers design special underwear that looks similar to leggings.

This long underwear is right to keep you warm and stylish. Remember, these can dry quickly; therefore, leftover mud and snow will not make your legs damp. For the winter season, you have to purchase special clothes. It is a smart move to decrease your energy bills.

2. Hot Bath

With a hot bath, you can keep yourself warm in winter. Hot water can relax your body and enable you to fall asleep peacefully. For the winter season, you can buy a portable hot tub. It is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of a spa.

For stress relief, you can spend time in a swim spa. Keep it in mind that stress can increase muscle tension, soreness, fatigue, and headaches. A hot tub can relieve stress and anxiety with the combination of massage, heat, and buoyancy.

For arthritis patients, a swim spa can be an excellent choice to decrease joint stiffness and pain. After soaking in a hot tub, you will get sufficient relief to perform daily activities. Moreover, a hot bath is good to promote weight loss. It allows you to spend time with your family while immersed in lukewarm water.

3. Winter Textiles

Area rugs, throw pillows, and chunky throws are essential to warm up your space. With these items, you can change the ambiance of your house. These textiles can insulate your room during winter. If you want to make your home warm in winter without increasing energy costs, you will need the right winter textiles.

For your living room, you will need a large area rug. Make sure to keep a runner next to each bed. A bathroom mat can keep your feet warm in front of bathroom sinks. During winter, you can replace your percale or sateen sheets with microfiber or flannel. They can insulate in a better way.

Buy a down comforter to retain the heat of your body. To block the way to cold air, you can hang heavy insulating curtains in your home. Try to purchase these items before the winter season to save money.

4. Pack the Drafts

For large open areas, you will need heavy curtains. These curtains will help you to create a cozy and warm environment. Cracks, windows, and doors can permit cold air to enter your home. To restrict the path of cold air, you have to isolate these gaps.

Carefully check your home to find all possible drafts and fix these areas. Some typical drafts are doors, wiring holes, and windows. Cover these areas with heavy curtains. Moreover, you may find more drafty culprits during windy days.

To find these places, close all doors and windows and light an incense stick. Hold this stick near suspected drafts. If the smoke looks wavering or unsteady, you have located a drafty space. Repeat this process with all suspected drafts to find and insulate them.

Always keep the windows and doors of all rooms closed. If you are not using fireplace flue, keep it close. If you have unexpected entryways in your home, hang a heavy curtain in front of this entry. An entry door between a drawing room and a living room can be an example.

Use expanding foam or caulk to seal up leaky windows or wiring holes. Stick a self-adhesive weather-stripping in doors or windows with noticeable gaps. It will help you to seal these areas. Put a rolled-up heavy towel or a draft snake at the foundation of doors to keep every draft out.

5. Heat and Cool Your Home Wisely

For your home, you will need a smart thermostat. Smart cooling and heating systems are available to increase your comfort. With a wireless thermostat, it will be easy for you to heat your home.

With an efficient cooling and heating system, you can get the advantage of home zoning. It means heating and cooling automatically goes to areas with heavy foot traffic. In this way, you can save money and schedule home zoning as per your comfort.

Make sure to buy a smart thermostat to manage the energy of your home. Modern systems enable you to program zones that need more heat. Users can access these thermostats remotely or check live weather on the touchscreen display.

Eat Food to Keep Yourself Warm

To keep your body warm during winter, you can eat appropriate food. With healthy fats, you can rev up your metabolism to increase the temperature of your body. Feel free to eat spicy foods, soups, teas, and hot coffee. These will help you to maintain the warmth of your body.

Some people drink alcohol to avoid chilly weather. It can’t be good practice; therefore, avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol may make you warm by expanding blood vessels in your skin. At the same time, it can remove heat from vital organs.

Buy hand warmers and hats for the winter season. Make sure to wear them before going out or keep these things in your pockets.