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3 Creative Ways To Use Tiles In Your Home Design

Tiles are the second-most preferred flooring material in the US, grossing at $3.64 billion in market value according to the latest analytics by Catalina Research. That should come as no surprise since they’re cheaper than hardwood and far easier to clean than most alternatives.

However, some may have doubts about how attractive tiles can be when used to decorate your home since on the surface it seems that you’re applying the same pattern repeatedly. Meanwhile, others may be surprised to know that tiles have as much impact on interior design as furniture when employed correctly. Here are some creative ways to use tiles in your home design.

Add Ceramic to Conjoining Hallways and Corridors

According to Atlas Ceramics, a great way to complement conjoining hallways with minimal effort is by laying tiles. A few well-placed patterned floor tiles can also turn your hallway from a monochromatic corridor to an adorned passageway. This is ideal as ceramic tile can cost around $12 per foot on average. Other connecting areas such as stairs can benefit from this design philosophy as well.

Highlight Feature Areas

Some areas in the home could benefit from a little creativity. Tiling is a brilliant way to do this. They’re shiny, available in all manner of attractive patterns, and they’re incredibly easy to clean.

Tiles are such a versatile addition to any home. If you are looking at fitting plain tiles, that serve a more functional purpose rather than aesthetics, you may be able to watch an online tutorial and lay them yourself!

If you are choosing very expensive tiles, with an intricate design that needs to be matched up, or if you will need to cut out pieces to fit around pipes etc, it may be advisable to call in professionals or at least get a quote from a tiling contractor.

You can highlight features in several different ways to add some spice to your room. For example, you can replace your headboard with some standout tiling that comes with the added bonus of not needing to be dusted. Or, you can trade up an area rug or carpet with a set of colorful tiles with rug-like patterns.

This works particularly well in the dining area, as they’re excellent for presentation. The right tiles can make any feast you cooked up that much more attractive.

Make Tiles The Pièce De Résistance

Aside from using tiles to accentuate existing features or adorn bland ones, you can also make tiles themselves the things giving the room its essence. A great way to exemplify this is in bathrooms. Choose tiles with cool or soft colors, such as teal and peach, and mesmerizing patterns, such as fish scale or digital. Those will make your bathroom give off a refreshing, relaxing vibe.

Another great place to make tiles the dominant aesthetic is the entryway. One way to make a solid first impression is to spark feelings of a warm welcome the moment they walk in. You can also arrange tiles in a circular mosaic pattern to make them a prominent character of the room.

For example, if your living room has a central skylight, you can lay a circular sunburst mosaic right under it. Not only will it look good, but it will also reflect light and make the entire space look brighter.

Incorporating tiles offer unique designs with its luster and myriad patterns. Applied with creativity, tiles can give your home such character that neither you nor your guests can ever forget the moment you walk through the door.