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New to Voice-Over? Here Is Everything That You Need to Know

When you make an animation, there are a lot of things that contribute to its uniqueness. The imagery, audio, and the combination of moves make it so interesting to watch. There’s another aspect that you need to keep in mind – the sound effects. Yes! The music, voice-over, and many other audio elements make it intriguing for the audience. If you look closely, voice-over is an essential element that will revamp your video to a whole new level.

Bad audio can ruin the entire video. That is why you need to ensure that a video has a good quality voice over. It helps to deliver emotion and creates a different impact altogether. But, it is not a very easy task to put in the perfect voice-over into a video. If you are interested to know more voice overs, then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will talk a lot of details regarding voice-overs and it’s aspects.

What Is Voice-Over?

Voice-over is really simple. It is nothing but a commentary occurring off-camera to make you understand what is showing on the screen. The voice-over is read from a script made before by someone who may or may not be in the video. It can also play in between other audio, just like on-screen characters talking between each other or the background music.

So, a voice-over helps the viewers to understand the nuance of the video in a better manner. It helps to establish successful communication between the viewers and the video makers. Whenever you add audio to video, it is always a great way to deliver a significant emotional impact.

Importance of Voice Over in Videos

In a lot of cases, you can see that videos won’t be making any sense if there’s any voice over. Being the other half of the production, its role is to enhance both the actions as well as animations on the screen.

It does not overwhelm the audience and delivers the message with a great impact. The voice-over is a great way to make sure that your audience is getting the right message and highlighting any information you want to give.

Apart from that, various kinds of learners get support from these. They help to facilitate more of the human senses and make the content much more memorable.

For auditory learners, voice-overs are much more essential because it helps them to attain the right information. A lot of people prefer hearing a message or any information out loud. That’s why a voice-over holds so much significance in any video.

Elements That Make a Great Voice Over

When making a great voice over, there are a lot of elements that come into play. If you can put all of them into the right place, your video is ready to rock. Take a look at the points that you need to focus on for a good voice over –

1. Clarity and Volume –

The most crucial reason your voice over is going to help the viewers is its ability to deliver information you want to share. So, if they can’t hear the voice over clearly and the volume is barely audible, it will not do the job.

Make sure that there is clarity in the voice and enough volume for the viewers to listen. In spite of a background score or noise in the video, you got to focus on the highest quality voice over clarity in the video.

2. Pace –

The ability to understand and process a piece of information is separate for different individuals. Some individuals can process information much faster than others, whereas some may take more time to absorb it.

Keeping that in mind, you need to be sure that the pace of your voice over is optimal for everyone to understand when listening. The script should be not too slow nor to fast.

Or else people are going to miss out on a lot of information. The average speed of a voice-over should be 150 words per minute. But, you can surely adjust it depending on the video you are making.

3. Tone –

When you are reading from a script, the tone in which the voice-over is presented should be really good. You should not sound too robotic, tense, or confused. The flow should be natural, and it must be able to deliver an emotional impact. Also, you can play with different tones to make sure that the voice-over doesn’t become monotonous.

Tips for Making The Best Voice Over

If you want to make a good voice over, then you have to check out these amazing tips mentioned below.

  • Prepare a good script first. The voice-over script must be good, and there’s creativity in it. It should not be monotonous and has enough elements to intrigue emotion among the viewers who listen to it.
  • You need to choose a good mic. Yes! Without a good mic, the entire voice-over can be ruined. Invest in a good quality mic and use it for the process.
  • Use good and premium software in order to record the voice over. There is online audio to video converter, which can help you use good sound quality in the video.
  • Always do a test recording and edit the voice-over before adding it to the final video. This will help you exclude any kind of distortion or noise affecting the voice over. It helps to add more clarity to the sound.

Final Words

Adding a voice-over is one of the best ways to make a video that creates more impact. A voice-over helps you add more depth to the video and allows the viewers to understand what you’re trying to portray.

Many times, people might miss out on the important message or emotion you are trying to convey. Right? But, the use of a voice-over always helps to eliminate that risk and allows you to create a better video in the end.

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