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Factors to Look for When Buying Genuine Us Army Apparel, Clothing & Gear

Apparel and clothing with military references are very common. In fact, you’re bound to find at least one piece of such clothing in every store you walk into. There are also a lot of street hawkers that will be offering unbelievable prices for shirts with different armed services being represented on the front. However, despite the vendor’s claims, not all of these are “genuine” army apparel. The term “genuine” is interchangeable and today we’ll explain how.

First, there is the genuineness where your store sells “genuine U.S. military-issue products”. Usually, you’ll find a tag or stamp with these details somewhere on the clothing item. Not all stores sell such genuine products and while that may not be an issue, some stores claim to be selling such clothing when in fact, all their products are made in house using their own designs. This shop sells US Army Apparel, but there are no claims as to “genuine army issue” and simply pays homage to those who have served, which in itself is admirable. However, claiming your products are “genuine army issue” when they are not is not only unprofessional but dishonest and detrimental to the country as well.

Then there is the “genuine” where the designs on the apparel are not true to the source material. You’re bound to find clothing with misspelled words (“AMRY” instead of “ARMY”) or the picture of a medal of honor on the front with the words “purple heart” written on the bottom. Such products are usually made offshore in third world countries with vendors who have no checks and balances on quality. Anyone with half a brain would want nothing to do with such products and will just move on with their day after seeing something like that.

Next, there is “genuine” where the products are made in the United States. Many online stores nowadays choose to hire manufacturers from third world countries where the manufacturing and labor costs are significantly cheaper. Many of these manufacturers have first-world industrial standards and quality checks in place, but there will always be consumers who will prefer “American made” especially when it comes to products having to do with their armed forces. This has nothing to do with any bias, and it’s only natural that one would want to promote local businesses and jobs. The easiest way to tell where the product is made is to check on the tags.

One more form of “genuine” is if the products promote or support a veterans’ organization. Many consumers, especially former servicemen, would consider this as the gold standard of army products being “genuine”. Such people consider this to be important as such organizations help former veterans with a range of issues which can include injuries sustained in the line of duty, reintegration into society, and career counseling and assistance. One should support such organizations as they help people who have voluntarily fought and sacrificed for their country and fellow countrymen. You’ll usually find such information in the brand’s company information.