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Haven’t You Tried Caviar yet? Read this!

Sitting uncomfortably on your couch in hunger and while thinking about delicious mouthwatering foods, Have you ever imagined to satiate your hunger with a spoon brimmed with fish eggs? 

If you are really not aware of it, you might be taking this question as weird! But wait. Read this article, and I would unwind your questions and I bet, you’ll be at least tempted to try this for once. Especially, people who love to eat seafood and know how their taste is so convincing and satisfactory would be more inclined to read about it.

Basically, what I am talking about are the eggs of some specific types of fishes, more specifically the Sturgeon – which is vastly used for the purpose! Not only this, it is extensively connected to the history of the ancient era when these mythical pearls of the Caspian Sea were enjoyed by the Russian Tsars, Persian Shahs, and Turkish Sultans. One of the interesting facts associated with the history of Caviar is that in the 10th century noble and aristocratic Byzantine Greeks started consuming it and meanwhile its trade between Kievan Rus and Byzantine Empire began to take place.

Throughout the world, they are known as luxury food namely “Caviar” derived from the Persian language which literally refers to the meaning: “egg-bearing”. Because of its royal and unique taste, it is way too preferred by the people who are more inclined towards seafood. 

If I turn my discussion back to the topic of where I began with, we are often indulged with the popped-up thoughts of unhealthy junk foods that wouldn’t do any good to our health except fill our tummy with fat! For instance, my craving stomach shouting with hunger pangs would immediately go for some quick snacks that would brim my tummy and will feel full! But why not opt for something as tasty as it should be and at the same time healthy enough to provide me a good number of minerals and vitamins? 

Caviar – the egg roe has an excellent amount of nutrients in it and one can buy Caviar for sale very easily. It comes in a variety of flavors, depending upon the type of fish being used for the purpose. For an instance, the majorly available types are Beluga Caviar (being the most famous amongst others), Almas Caviar, Osetra Caviar, and Sevruga Caviar.

Here I would talk about each of its types mentioned above to give you an idea of their taste and make it a little easy for you to choose among them to try first.

1. Beluga Caviar

Mostly favored by Tsars and Shahs, this type of Caviar is one of the most produced caviars. The splash of taste it gives in your mouth is a blend of butter and nutty taste. Amazing as it seems, their texture is soft and velvet-like with a delightful aroma which lets you give a great pleasure to this royal caviar. Nutritionally rich – has the compact of 47 nutrients and minerals, adding a daily adult’s requirement of Vitamin B12 in one serving. Moreover, it has the power to switch your mood due to the presence of Omega 3 in a great amount.

2. Almas Caviar

These gastronomic pearls of Almas Caviar were served to the ancient rulers who had the privilege to enjoy the delicacy of these caviars. What makes it rare and most luxurious, is the fact that it is being prepared when the fish Albino Beluga Sturgeon reaches the age of 100 years, only then can eggs be collected to get them processed. They are white glistening pearl-like eggs that serve equal great taste.

3. Osetra Caviar

A moreish kind of tempting and delightful roe with goldish tint is nutritionally much alike Beluga Caviar. Because it is much popular among the other types of fish, Oestra is famous as the family’s “Golden Child”. Unlike Albino Beluga Sturgeon, Oestra Sturgeon takes 10 years to reach maturity. Its nutty taste is worth tasting!

4. Sevruga Caviar

The Seruvega caviar is derived from the eggs of Acipenser Stellatus – a fish with a prehistoric origin, believed to be as older as 250 million years! Serves a vibrant and robust taste of bright grey eggs, rich in nutrition as are the other caviars.

Nevertheless, there is still a huge deal about the caviars to be discussed, but I have only provided a brief note about them to give you a clue about something very different, yet worth tasting. Have a happy burst of edible pearls of the Caspian Sea. Enjoy!

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