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Best Ways to Cool a House Without AC

The climate in the UK is relatively mild year-round but with summer temperatures soaring in recent years it is no wonder that Brits are wondering what is the best way to cool down their homes. Air conditioning is not a common feature of UK homes and many houses are built for insulation as the climate for the country is commonly cold winters and mild summers. So how do you beat the heat?

Air conditioning is an expensive installation process and is not viable for many people for just a few hot days in the year. AC units are often bulky and time-consuming to install so for many a quick fix is needed to keep the room cool. Here are just a few ideas for keeping your house cool without Air conditioning.

Shutter Blinds

With much of the heat coming in through the windows it is best to block the sun’s rays with a good set of blinds. Window shutter blinds allow just enough light to get into the house without also letting in the sweltering hot sun. It is much easier to block the heat entering the house than try and cool down a well-insulated room. British houses are designed to trap in warm air and have very little ventilation for hot days, so preventative measures such as these are the best option.

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Window shutters are a relatively inexpensive solution for dealing with warm climates, particularly in comparison to AC units.

Get yourself a good fan

Although fans are not as cool as an AC unit, they do help to get air circulating within a room. You can either opt for a larger standing fan or one of the smaller USB desk fans if you are sitting working all day. There are some useful tricks to make your fan work even better for you and even function as an AC unit. Simply grab yourself a large bucket or bowl of ice and place it in front of the fan. This will allow the fan to circulate cold air coming from the ice bowl and give a cooling effect. Of course, the ice will need to be replaced quite regularly and it is not as easy as an AC unit, but fans are relatively inexpensive and ice is easy to make!

Unplug any electronics you are not using and avoid using the stove

You would be surprised at how much heat is actually being produced by electronics on standby. Be sure to unplug anything you are not using and in particular, try not to cook on the stove or oven which will give off lots of heat. Take advantage of the beautiful summer day to have an outdoor BBQ or even try creating a spread of salad, sandwiches, and other cold items.

Overall, there are several easy ways to mitigate the expensive cost of an air conditioning unit. This article has just gone through some of the simple and inexpensive tips and tricks for hot summer days. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy a more comfortable summer.