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5 Questions to Ask Your Military Divorce Attorney When Hiring

Finding a military divorce attorney is such a hassle. Most attorneys are not well equipped and experienced to handle military divorce cases even when they know a lot about the military. If you are looking for a military divorce attorney to represent you, you have to research well. 

A military divorce attorney with a military background and a good mastery of the law is the best suit to handle your divorce case. However, before you hire a military divorce attorney, here are some five questions you should not hesitate to ask.

1. How many military divorce cases have you handled?

You must find out if your attorney has the experience to represent you in court. Ask the attorney about the number of clients he has represented so far and how many years he’s been in service.  

You should also be able to determine the attorney’s success rate. This is the only way to ensure that an experienced attorney is handling your divorce case, and you are likely to win the battle.

2. How many cases have you settled out of court?

Settling a divorce case out of court is a shortcut to avoiding drama and prolonged judgment.  When you settle your divorce case out of court, you save on time, and you can reach a compromise in the shortest time. Therefore, finding a lawyer that has handled lots of divorce cases outside the court can improve your chances.

3. What do you know about my spouse?

This is an important question you should not forget to ask your attorney. If the attorney is related or associated with your spouse in any way, it may be a red flag that they are going to be biased in their proceedings.

 The ability to perform without favor and bias comes when your attorney knows nothing about your spouse, and they are unlikely to take sides with the case. So, you should not hire an attorney that knows about your spouse if you want to settle your divorce case amicably. 

4. Are you conversant with the local family court judges?

When hiring a military divorce attorney, you want to find out if they are conversant with the local courts and familiar with some family court judges.  Judges have different reputations, and sometimes they are known to be a bit lenient with family custody.  Therefore, you should hire a lawyer who is well conversant with your local judges. The lawyer can come up with a better strategy that improves your chances of winning the divorce case.

5. What is your experience with negotiating settlements and support?

In a typical military divorce case, child support, business, and financial statements are likely to come. Your divorce attorney should know how to handle such issues when they arise. Therefore, you should ask your attorney how they are likely to handle a divorce case that involves family business and child support.  

Final Thoughts

When choosing a military divorce attorney to handle your case, you should determine if they are more equipped and experienced. Military divorce cases are a bit complicated, and finding an experienced attorney to represent you is the only way to improve your chances of winning your case out of court.