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How to Get the Best Car Insurance Deal

Staying safe on the road often means taking a preemptive approach to your driving, and in order to fully protect yourself, your vehicle and your wallet, finding the best deal on car insurance should be the number one priority. 

It can be expensive, yet thankfully, there are more than a few ways in which you can strive to bring the price down over time. 

In many places, car insurance is mandatory, a legal requirement that must be met if you aim to stay above board and keep yourself free from trouble. 

If the time has come for you to take to the open road for the first time, you have bought yourself a brand-new ride, or you simply feel like switching insurance providers in an effort to cut costs, here are some top tips to consider along the way. 

Seek Out Free Quotes Online

There are plenty of places online to source free quotes for insurance, but opting for a reliable and experienced company is the best bet. 

For example, you may want to check out KBD Insurance to give yourself a great idea of what to watch out for – this is a quick and easy way to utilize an online platform in order to get your details checked out. 

Moreover, free tools like this can be a huge time saver, so if you wish to get your car on the road as quickly as possible, turning to the online realm may be the best way to go initially. 

Contact the Company for Support

Making use of online tools is all well and good, but without human support to back you up, you might be walking into the wrong deal without knowing it. 

Reaching out directly to the company is a good way to find detailed answers to any questions you might have about your policy. 

This is also a great test of the insurer’s customer service skills, an important aspect to consider when thinking about committing your time and money to a new company. 

Everyone’s personal situation is different, and you may need a highly customized solution, so do not be afraid to ask around should you need to. 

There are plenty of ways to do this, but perhaps some of the most effective methods include:

  • Phone Call – The second-best way to find out info other than going into a physical store, a phone call can be highly revealing when it comes to the quality of a company’s customer service. 
  • Instant Messaging – Countless websites now utilize chatbots and instant messaging functions on their websites, so checking to see if your prospective insurer has done the same and reaching out on that channel might be able to save you time. 
  • Query Forms – You could always consider filling out a query form, if one is available. While potentially a slower method of communication, it adds a certain level of authenticity to your question since you have it in formal writing. 

Leverage Telematics

Telematics can offer you a superb way to save money on your insurance through some advanced technology. 

This can essentially help you create your own deal, lowering the costs in the process. Telematics installed in your vehicle can keep track of your driving, from your average speed to your braking intensity, a wealth of data is collected and reported back to the insurance company, thus creating a clear picture of who you are as a driver

For those of you wanting to find the deal that fits your personal needs, this could be one of the smartest ways to go, especially if you know you are a careful and competent driver. 

Reducing the costs yourself through telematics can allow you to take some agency back into your hands and make sure that the policy is right for you. 

Put Safety First

Alongside being a potential lifesaver, driving safely can be a real money saver! For example, by upgrading your car in accordance with the changing seasons, i.e., fitting snow tires in the winter, you may be able to let your insurers know and get your premium reduced. 

Similarly, the safer your car happens to be, the higher the likelihood that you will find a better deal on your car insurance by nature. If you need a new car anyway, it is worth thinking about models with high crash test ratings, like the Toyota Yaris and the Skoda Enyaq. 

Plus, if you manage to keep your no claims bonus, your insurance premium will likely come way down in price. 

In this regard, it is important to think about whether or not you need to make a claim for a small, inconsequential accident, one that does not affect you or your car, or a tiny bump that you are able to fix with your own cash. 

This can work out much cheaper in terms of insurance later on down the line, and could even benefit you greatly when switching providers. 

  • You could always think about taking an advanced driving course, like defensive driving, in order to give your insurers more evidence to suggest that you are a careful and highly qualified driver, as this could contribute towards a price reduction on your coverage. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Shop Around

There is no need to settle on the very first policy you come across, no matter how good the deal might sound

Comparing a multitude of various deals should simply be a part of the selection process, so do not be afraid to shop around; otherwise, there is a chance you will never know whether or not you could have got a better and cheaper policy. 

This might also pertain to switching insurance companies from time to time. It is worth mentioning, however, that many companies do in fact reward loyalty, while others do not. 

Taking a look at any loyalty bonuses (or hindrances) and weighing them up compared to the value of switching providers could be a decent way to find a better deal in the long run. 

A Personalized Solution

Due to the nature of car insurance, finding the right deal for you is in many ways, a question of personal application, since the policy will (should) be tailored to your individual needs. 

You may want to think about a few factors about yourself and your vehicle that have the ability to change the price of your insurance, such as:

  • The Age of Your Car – There may be specific types of insurance for older, classic cars, for example, so thinking about your specific ride is a must. 
  • Your Age – If you happen to be 25 and have a birthday coming up, you could be in luck, as car insurance tends to get cheaper once you pass 25. If you are a male, however, you still might need to pay a little bit more for your premium, depending on where you live in the world. 
  • Experience – The more driving experience you have, and the longer you have been on the road without an insurance claim, the lower your premium tends to be, so in some ways, it is a waiting game. 

There are so many other factors to consider that it is likely worth talking to an expert advisor one-on-one before making any firm decisions about your next insurance company, as you may discover that there is a business that caters its policies just for people like you. 

Bells and Whistles

When the time comes to finally choose your policy, and you have thoroughly researched the best options for you, there is a good chance companies will try and sell you some addons, some bells and whistles that might look enticing on paper, but have no concrete value in reality. 

If this eventuality happens, make sure to stand strong and only pay for what you need. Failing to do otherwise could lead you to pay for the wrong type of policy, or leave you with some extra features that you would never need in a million years. 

While extra features can be immensely helpful, it may be wise to think about whether you actually need them before actively paying more for your insurance. 

Practice Your Haggling

Haggling can and should be done if you aim to get the very best deal on your car insurance. It is perfectly common and expected by many insurance companies, so start practicing today!

This does in no way mean you need to take an aggressive farmers’ market-style approach towards getting those costs down, but you should at least try and use your gift of the gab to alter your deal at the point of sale. 

Your case might look stronger if you can offer them as much evidence as possible as to why you are a safe and responsible driver. 

Get Organized

Before you apply for any form of insurance, getting yourself organized is a must. This can stop you from getting in a panic should you be asked any questions, and allow you some material to fall back on for support.