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7 Things You Should Tell Your Husband Every Day

Having and maintaining a healthy marriage or relationship is not easy. It requires efforts from both partners. If you want to have a marriage that never stops feeling like a honeymoon phase, then communicate well with your husband and wife. Don’t just talk about buying groceries or meeting with the teachers of your kid.

Talk about yourself and make sure that you tell your husband or wife these things every day. Saying these things every day makes you two closer, but make sure there is love and appreciation in your tone, instead of sounding like a robot.

Here are some things that you should mention to your husband every day once

1. Good morning and Good night

Make it a point to start your day by wishing your partner good morning and ending your day with a sweet good night and a kiss. Even if your schedules are different, and you don’t sleep or wake up at the same time, make it a point to call or text them and wish them good night or morning. You can also text them romantic good night messages so that they have a smile on their face while going to sleep.

Moreover, when you make time to say this simple thing, it shows that no matter how busy your life is, your priority is your partner only.

2. I love you

These three little words pack a lot of weight. It is those golden words that we all want to hear from our partners. That is why make it a point to say and tell your partner that you love him/her at least once a day. Also, make sure that when you say ‘I love you’ to your partner, you mean it. Make it a point to say this at a time when they make you laugh or does something that makes you feel special will also make them feel special too.

3. How was your day?

Don’t ask them how was your day in a tone that makes it sound like you are practicing a routine. Ask them to share specific parts of their work or day. If they have talked about a co-worker that gets on their nerves, make sure to ask about them and so on. Asking them how their day went daily gives you something to talk about and reconnect.

It can make you two understand each other and the challenges you face more easily. Also, it will help you understand why your partner is in a bad mood and do something to make him feel better.

4. I am proud of you

Telling your husband or wife that whatever they do in their life, you will always support them and feel proud of them is important. It helps build more trust and respect between the two. Also, you don’t have to wait for a big accomplishment to tell your husband that you are proud of them. Even a simple job like fixing a leaking faucet is enough for you to tell how proud he makes you.

5. What is your take on this?

A marriage is a partnership where both partners are equal. So, any decision which impacts both of you equally should be taken jointly. Ask your husband what is his take, or what he thinks about everything. Taking his opinion, or feedback daily even for small things will help you work together well.

6. You make me happy

Of course, you are happy with your husband, if you are not, maybe work on that. But if you are, it is important to tell your husband that too. Make sure to tell him that he and everything that he does make you happy and appreciated. It is your way of telling him that you value this relationship more than anything in the world.

7. I am sorry

You don’t have to say this every day. But, if you have done something that hurts your husband, owe it, and say sorry. Be humble, and keep your ego aside, a man doesn’t always have to say sorry, especially when they are right.

Keep communicating no matter how busy you are, otherwise, it takes merely a second to destroy a happy marriage. You can also surprise him with small gifts like greeting cards, flowers, etc. You can make a romantic greeting card for your husband using Canva.