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How to Find the Perfect Dress for Your Shape

Whatever type of body shape you have, there is a dress style that can help to accentuate everything you love about your body while hiding the parts you would prefer were not overly noticeable. The main body shapes are athletic, hourglass, and apple figures. To find the perfect dress for your shape, read on.

Trapeze Dresses

Whether you are looking to purchase a dress in Australia or hire one through Melbourne dress hire, a vast variety of dresses to suit every body type is available. However, you can also choose certain styles of dress that work best for your specific figure. For instance, the triangular-shaped trapeze dress moves like a dream when worn by women with long, lean, and athletic figures. It also helps to add curves to athletic shapes. But curvier women can pull off wearing trapeze dresses too.

Fit and Flare Dresses

The style of the iconic fit and flare dress is fitted through the bodice and flares out just below the hip. This type of dress is great for creating a slim look and a balanced silhouette. It basically accentuates everything that is good about your body and hides everything else. A fit and flare style works for every body shape. It gives apple-shaped figures a more defined waistline and athletic shapes an additional curve. The style is also ideal for hourglass shapes.

Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are pretty rectangular in shape. Because they are not fitted, the dresses are very comfortable and forgiving. Shift dresses look great on long and lean body types and apple shapes. But seeing as the style does not work well with a belt, it is not the best dress for hourglass figures to show off their curviness.

Sheath Dresses

The form-fitting sheath dress is shaped by darts, typically through the bust, and it is ideal for cocktail parties and date nights. If you have an hourglass figure, you will love the fact that sheath dresses draw attention to your slim waist. But you can also look fabulous in this style of dress if you are a lean athletic shape because it helps to give the appearance of curves.

Wrap Dresses

You can never go wrong with a wrap dress, as it suits all kinds of body shapes. If you are an apple or hourglass shape, a wrap dress helps to create a natural waistline and also emphasize the bust; creating a balanced effect to your overall silhouette.

Finding a Dress with the Right Waist

Different types of waists can also make a huge difference when it comes to choosing the best dress for your body shape. Dresses with empire waists are fitted through the bust, so the dress flows down from the bust instead of creating an angular shape. Empire waists work well with all body shapes, but they are especially good for petite women. A-line dresses, on the other hand, are fitted to your waist and gradually flare out to the hem, helping to minimize your midsection, hips, and thighs while drawing attention to your upper half. A-line waists work well for all body shapes but are especially great for curvy women. The other dress waist type is the drop waist, which is ideal for athletic and lean figures.

Consider the Dress’s Length

There are three primary dress lengths: mini, knee, and maxi. If you have great legs and want to show them off, consider the adventurous mini. Knee-length dresses are ideal for all kinds of occasions, from parties to work. If you choose a knee-length dress, it can have a slimming effect and also create a balanced silhouette. As for maxis, they can also look awesome on all types of figures, but women with athletic builds can really rock a maxi dress.

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