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How to Get More Creative With Your Gift-Giving

Gifting someone something for any reason, birthday or holiday, can feel repetitive over time. The same old things start to feel boring for you, and probably for the gift receiver, too. This simply won’t do for the loved one in your life.

Getting creative with your gift-giving ideas can really improve your relationship with someone, and make them feel much more appreciated. Generic gifts are out; creative gifts are in. Check out these easy tips for creative gift-giving.


Personalized cards

You might think cards are generic, but not anymore. Personalized cards for any occasion aren’t only simple, but they are a fun way to add some flair to a classic. Using personal details for birthday cards, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and all sorts of special days are great ways to add more wow. Custom cards are great, inexpensive, and can be incredibly fun.

Homemade coasters

Keeping up with the theme of custom-made, you can try making homemade coasters. Everyone needs these around their house to keep things looking tidy, prevent water rings, and add some unique flair to their home. Creating homemade coasters can be done with some caulking for the mold, which is then filled with resin in different colors of your choice, and then left to dry. Not only is this a fun and creative way to give someone a gift from the heart, but it’s also a great statement piece of decor for a living room.

DIY candles

DIY candles are all the rage as they can be made from melting down scentless candles and molded into new holders. One popular method of creating DIY candles, and adds some rustic charm, is to use tin camping mugs as the holding spot. Tea candles are a good choice for cheap, scentless candles to melt down to form a much bigger candle. You can add essential oils or other scents to create a wonderful gift that’s easy to make, and even easier to love.

Photo collage

Taking photos with someone is a good way to create memories, but often, people have these snapshots lying around somewhere collecting dust. Why not find a use for them and create some art? Making a collage with assorted photos is simple and declutters drawers where these photos hardly see the light of day. Customized gifts are fun because they can be personal, and it doesn’t get much more personal than photos of your friends, family, coworkers, or partner. Plus, there are a lot of lovely picture frames out there to use. This is just something to consider for providing a creative and sentimental gift.


While not comprehensive as there are so many creative ways to improve your gifting habits, it does help you understand that giving someone something as a token of appreciation doesn’t have to be by the numbers. Customized birthday cards with fun or interesting pictures, collages, DIY candles, and homemade coasters are all cool ways to impress the next person you need to buy for, and it takes away the stress of thinking about shopping.

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