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How To Organize Your Closet

All of us want to start the day on the right foot, but unfortunately, the first thing that gives you stress in a day is your unorganized and untidy Wardrobe. Organizing Wardrobe is essential because it represents your personality and lifestyle. To arrange your closets, follow the following step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Empty your closet

The first step is to take everything out of the cabinet and rearrange it, this can help you to identify and sort the old clothes that are no longer in use.

Step 2: Throw unused and outdated items:

Get rid of unused and outdated items that are in your home. Throw it out or donate it to church or someone else. I do understand it isn’t easy to get rid of your old clothes, but after looking at your clean, organize and tidy closet, you will forget it.

Step 3: Divide and Rule:

Apply divide and rule policy to organize your closet and use the labels section to share closets. It helps you to know what area is belongs to whom. You could also do clothing rod dividers, and those will go a long way with defining two space issues.

Step 4: Invest on Hangers:

To avoid mismatched hangers, make sure that your clothing lies down in the same direction. Clothes in different directions make difficulties for you to see what you have. In the hanger, you may hang your coats, your leather jackets, and other dresses that you wear more frequently.

Step 5: Stack thick items:

It is difficult to put your heavy and thick items in the drawer and hanging space. To save it, you should stack and fold your heavy winter clothes and denim jeans in shelf space. These clothes won’t sag, wrinkled, and shrinks, so it’s good to fold it and put it on the shelf rather than to hang it.

Step 6: Roll Clothes into storage box:

Thin and pliable clothes like cotton T-shirts, pajamas, polyester shorts are suitable to roll and put into a box rather than folding and stacking them. This helps to save your shelf and look clean. You can tuck these roll cloths into a shoebox or any other table.

Step 7: Swap shoes out by seasons:

It would be best if you organized your shoes according to seasons. Put shoes in front that use more frequently. And put your shoes in the opposite direction that helps to save space and gives you a visual reference of the actual pair that you are looking for so you can able to see both front and back of the couple.

Now you come to know that cleaning and Organizing is not a project; it’s a practice. So by keep practicing all the above step by step guidelines, you will be able to make your closet clean and get organized and which gives you inspiration for your wardrobe.