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7 Inexpensive Activities to Do With your Kids

As a kid, many of us remember the commercial with the guy running down the aisle at some school supply chain excitedly shopping for his kids back to school materials and my own mother chiming in: “It’s that time again!” Well now it’s the kids’ time: Summer Break. As the countdown begins for our little ones’ vacation, many mamas are trying to figure out: “What the heck will I do with these kids?” If you are anything like many other moms around the world, you love a good bargain. It’s safe to say I NEED a good bargain, and at times these summer camps can cause a strain on my pockets. Some parents may decide to take a quick loan or borrow from family members if they wanna take a trip with their little ones and explore the world. Others decide to stay within budget and have fun while staying at home. Luckily, below is a list of great cool and inexpensive ways to keep your kids busy this summer:

1. Local Museums – In most metropolitan cities the museums are free or close to it. Make a day out of visiting one of your local treasures and venture out into the city for a quick bite. Don’t want to pay for food? Pack a picnic and eat in one of the parks. Not only will it be new and fun, but it’s a great way to bond and learn at the same time. Museums can carry such a large spectrum of knowledge; everything from art, music, aviation or even history. They are usually interactive enough that even your kindergartener will be interested.

2. Carnival – Some of the fondest memories for adults, are at the local carnival when it came to town. Usually twice a year and almost always in the summer. Get on a few rides, and play some games with the kiddos! It’s sure to be a blast and half the cost of an amusement park.

3. Library – Once or twice a week the library will have read along or book clubs for various ages. Specifically in the summer time they will designate a book for tweens or young children to read and then come in and discuss it. Nothing like a little stimulation of the brain while on break from school.

4. Hiking – Oh the wonders you can see in nature. Explore a path or mountainside with your kids. Get up early and listen to the sounds of the birds chirping and nature waking up. There’s not anything like it. Make a game out of guessing the different types of trees, and birds that you guys see. And guess what? It’s FREE!

5. DIY Movie Theater – If you have a younger child it’ll be fun to have your own “movie theater” at home. Pop some popcorn, and bring the snacks into your dark fort, turn the lights off for a better effect. Turn on your movie streaming service and watch a new release or something neither one of you have seen before, Make it special by creating your own tickets if you want.

6. Community Service – This one is a favorite. It doesn’t cost anything to help someone out. Visit your local charity, food pantry or soup kitchen to see if they’ll allow you and your family to volunteer. It’ll be fun to do something new and great to teach your children about helping out those less fortunate than themselves. Doing so will earn you a community that will help exchange the service you did, a particular essence of timebanking.

7. Cook together – Try making something fun like a dessert with your tribe. They’ll not only enjoy baking it, but eating it with you.

The summer can be hard for some of us but there are always fun and unique things to do with your little ones.