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Signs That It’s Time for Windows Replacement

An adequately maintained window can last for several years. But of course, there will come a time when it will require replacement. Naturally, you want to maximise its use, but you also want to know when to let go of it if it no longer serves its purpose. Some signs will tell you that it’s time for you to replace your window. 

1. Recurring window drafts

Gaps on the windows can be caused by broken weatherstripping or damaged seals. However, if changing the weatherstripping and resealing do not solve the issue, and you keep having problems with drafts, it may be time to replace the windows. The gaps can make it difficult for your heating or cooling system to reach your set temperature and maintain it. It will make your power bill go up and also cause discomfort. 

2. Window keeps malfunctioning

It’s normal to experience issues with your windows at some point. Like any other thing, it can also get damaged. Some of the common concerns you may experience are sticking, jamming, noises, and loose parts. You can solve these problems, but the continuous repair can be costly and inconvenient if they keep coming back and the issues pile up. It’s another sign that it’s time to get new windows. If you have crittall windows, trust only the experts in crittall replacement like those you will find at It ensures that the installation will be effective and flawless. 

3. Excessive outside noise

Windows provide not just weather but noise insulation too. If you hear too much noise from the outside, like cars passing by, dogs barking, or people talking, it means that your windows are not adequately insulated. Replacing them with new ones will provide the insulation that you need. As a result, there will be lesser outside noise, making your home more quiet and peaceful. You can rest well, and also focus on your work if you are working from home. The kids can also concentrate on their studies if there is not that much noise. 

4. Too much condensation

The sweating on the window is normal, especially during the cold season. However, if it’s too much, the window’s glazing may no longer work, or the seals may be broken. Again, replacing the seals could help lessen the condensation. However, if the problem continues, you may want to think about replacing your old windows. 

5. High electric bill

An old or damaged window is not the only reason for a high electric bill, but it can also contribute. If you do not have an issue with your HVAC system, check your windows for gaps, as it could make it difficult to achieve or maintain the desired temperature. Upgrading to energy-efficient windows is also an excellent option, especially if your old one does not have this feature. 

6. Damage to the window

Visible damages to the window like broken glasses or frames that are costly to fix are also signs for a replacement. If the price for replacing the parts or repairing them is not too far from a window replacement, it’s best to go for the latter.

Take care of your windows to maximise their use. But know the signs when to replace them, as upkeep may cost you more in the long run if they are already candidates for replacement.