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Visit the Beautiful Country of Vietnam by Getting a Visa Easily

Vietnam is a very beautiful country, which many people from US want to visit. People from all over the world need to have a visa to enter the country and so is the case with the US citizens. In order to get the visa, people need to fill the visa form, which can be done within two minutes. After the form is filled correctly, the applicants will get the Vietnam Visa for US citizens on their email within a few days.

Visa requirement for a US citizen

Citizens of the US may think that the process of applying Vietnam Visa for US citizens is difficult but it is not so. If a US citizen has reached the country and lost the visa, he need not worry as Vietnam has made it easy. People who want to go for tourism or to conduct business have to apply for travel visa.

There are many places in the country, which people can visit. These places include beaches, historical places, and many more. Getting a visa is very easy for a US citizen. People must also be aware of the fact that some parts of the applications are complicated.

Applying for visa

US citizens can apply for the Vietnam Visa for US citizens in two ways. Visas for the company are available at different periods. Online agency is a common method of applying for the visa. People can perform all the tasks online. There is no need to send any physical document while applying online. The second method is to apply for the Vietnam Visa for US citizens through the Vietnam embassy available in the USA. People have to send a copy of their passport to the consulate.

Visa on arrival for US residents

This type of visa can be applied with the help of an agency. All US citizens have the option of applying for this type of visa. They can go for business or touring purpose. This method is considered as one of the easiest ways to apply for the visa. There is no need to go to any agency. People can apply it from home. There is no need to send any physical documents through post. Sending the documents by post can be risky as they can be lost or may cause inconvenience. After the application is completed, the applicant receives it through email. People need to get a hard copy, which they have to produce at Vietnam airport. This method applying for Vietnam Visa for US citizens is accepted at all the international airports of Vietnam. Land and sea crossings are not included in this type of visa.

Visa on arrival for US citizens

This is a method in which people have to fill the data accurately as entry in Vietnam can be denied due to any small mistake. There are few complicated aspects included in this type of application. Here are some of the points, which people need to consider while applying for visa.

  • Visa on arrival application has to be done online. People should have basic knowledge of using the computer. Old citizens can take the help of their family to provide assistance in filling up the application form. After the completion of the application, the applicant will receive the approval letter in his email.
  • No physical documents are needed for applying the visa.
  • After receiving the approval letter, people need to print a hard copy of the letter. This letter cannot act as a visa so people need to take two passport size pictures and get the passport stamped.
  • These documents are checked by the staff at Vietnam airport. The staff may also ask for the purpose of visit.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the factors, which people need to keep in kind while applying for the visa. Online visa can be easily applied and there is no need to post any physical documents. People need to carry the approval letter along with two passport size photos.

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