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List of Common AC Problems in Jacksonville, FL

Are you searching for AC contractor Jacksonville FL? Air conditioners are one of the important appliances for the majority of Floridians. The state has a warm climate all through the year and calls for higher dependence on air conditioners than any other state. Be it spring, winter, fall or heat, summer, and humidity, you would always want the air conditioner to be in working status. Due to more usage, air conditioners frequently experience various issues.

It is frustrating when the AC fails to perform in the middle of the night or at unexpected hours. Some people try to rectify the issue on their own but in most cases, it does not work as AC is a complicated appliance and requires professional services. Let us discuss some of the common AC problems and tips to tackle air conditioner service Jacksonville FL.

AC would not start: Is your AC has stopped working? One of the basic things you can do to solve the issue is checking the electrical components. Try to reset the breaker where AC is connected to. Ensure your thermostat is functioning properly. Also, remove the cover and look for dust. It has chances to repair your AC. If these actions do not work, you have to search for professionals offering AC service near Jacksonville FL.

Not sufficient cool air: When you are not getting sufficient air to cool down your home, you need to consider checking whether there is any obstruction in your AC vent. One of the possible reasons to experience this issue is due to a dirty filter. Remember, air filters need to be cleaned or replaced once in three months. You can consider replacing when it cannot be reused. The frequency of cleaning depends on your AC model and the type of filter it comes with.

It is always important to check that the registers in the home are open and clean. When they are not clean, the cold air cannot cool the temperature. Moreover, it is also recommended to detect the outdoor compressor as debris may stick in or outside the unit. For better airflow, it is best to keep the compressor free from plants or trees for at least two to three feet. It can also happen due to refrigerator leak and therefore, it is always best to get assistance from a leading AC contractor Jacksonville FL.

AC is leaking

When you find the AC leaking, you should know that it is a sign of a major issue. Be it coolant leak or water leak because of faulty drainage pipe, both are problematic. Refrigerant leaks can end up in frozen coils, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the AC unit. Excess water like overflowing drain pipes or condensation results in expensive damage to the AC unit. When it comes to dealing with any of these situations, it is best to book for complete AC service in Jacksonville FL. Routine maintenance helps in a long way in preventing such leakage issues.

Run extremely or not enough

When the AC is continuously running, it is not good for the environment and you may receive a lump sum electric bill. When the AC does not function, it makes the situation uncomfortable. So, always ensure that the cool air is not escaping your house through another opening or an open window which you may not know. Cleaning the outside part of the condenser helps in resolving the issue. If needed, you should also try dusting the evaporator coil. In some situations, certain parts of your AC fails to function and end up causing frequent issues. Get in touch with a leading contractor who is experienced in air conditioner service Jacksonville FL. The professionals would inspect and even perform routine maintenance to avoid future issues in your AC.

These are some of the common issues you may come across while using your AC unit. It is always best to keep in touch with HVAC professionals. When you sign up for a yearly or term wise maintenance contract with a top AC service company, you do not have to fix an appointment or follow them frequently. They will visit your doorsteps and offer entire complete AC repair and maintenance services as per your schedule.

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