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Extended Family Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are great because it’s a time of year when everyone is benevolent and happy. It’s a time for family and friends to slow down to reconnect with one another. However, if you’re the host for any gatherings during the holidays, you know that this time can get pretty stressful and hectic. After all, you have to think about the guests, the food and the entertainment. Before you get too caught up in the frenzy, consider the following ways you can be a great host with fun entertainment.

1. Play cards and board games.

Monopoly can keep a family entertained for hours on end. The same rings true for card games like UNO and Spades. Set up a few card tables for those who want to play cards. Clear the kitchen table for board games. For games like Taboo and Charades, create a space in the living room. As long as you set out the games in an orderly fashion, it’ll be easy for your guests to choose what they want to play with. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try some new games as well. Visit major retailers to check out the latest board games that are tons of fun.

2. Drive around to look at decorated homes.

Holiday decorations are some of the few highlights of the season. Before you all head to the car to enjoy the lights, it’s a nice idea to create a route. Figure out which neighborhoods have the most ornate and beautiful decorations. Also, order a bunch of portable mugs with lids. Make huge batches of coffee, hot chocolate and apple cider that everyone can enjoy on the go.

3. Plan a dessert party.

If you’re running low on funds this season due to an emergency, you can still entertain if you’d like. However, you’ll want to become strategic regarding how you stretch your funds. Instead of hosting the full dinner, you can host a dessert party. If you invest time, you can create a smorgasbord of brownies, lemon bars and cakes inexpensively. Never let a lack of funds keep you from having a great time. Where there is a will, there is a way.

It’s also good to remember your options when you run into an unexpected emergency during the holiday season, since savings tend to run low during this time of year. Installment loans online may be an option to consider if you have an unexpected emergency, like a sudden trip to the hospital, that poses a financial burden but needs financial attention right away. Try to pay the loan off as quickly as possible so you do not accumulate debt throughout the end of the year.

4. Check out free events in the area.

This tip requires a little research, but it’s well worth the effort. Log on to the website of the major city near you. Most cities provide tons of free activities and events for people to enjoy during the holidays. Whether it’s live music in the middle of the town center or a play at one of the local megachurches, there are ways to get out of the house for free. It’s also a great idea to use social media to your advantage. Use specific keywords and hashtags to find out about the free events that are happening during the holidays. You can pile everyone in the car to have fun for free.

5. Pack sweet gifts and cards for those in need.

This is a time of year where many people aren’t granted the pleasure of enjoying time with family and friends. Some people are on bad terms with their family members. Other people are homeless with nowhere to go. There are some people who are unable to afford a plane ticket home. There are so many reasons why people are in need. If you know someone who might be alone for the holidays, invite them to your home. If your city has a community of homeless people, encourage your loved ones to bring their gently used or new items that they’re willing to donate. Create beautiful care packages filled with items like books, socks, sweaters and non-perishable foods. As you all are preparing the care packages and gifts, set up a station where people can create handmade cards with beautiful stencils, glitter and handwritten messages. If anyone feels moved to add a gift card to a local store, that’s a kind gesture to consider as well. This is a great way to create a memory with your loved ones as you help others. As everyone creates their packages and cards, create a snack table that everyone can enjoy. Put on some holiday music to make it festive as well.

Keep in mind that it’s primarily about making sure your family and friends are all together. When the right people are in the room, they can create their own entertainment. While it is nice to have a springboard, try not to stress out a lot. After all, it’s the holidays. The whole point of the season is to be merry.