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Are There Any Benefits Of Blood Type Diets

Blood type diets are based on the notion that the best diet plan can only be constituted by following the ABO blood group system. However, every author and endorser suggests a different diet plan for every blood type.

According to the creator of this diet, your blood group type determines your ancestors, and this information can help make a diet plan that doesn’t necessarily work by limiting your fat intake. All of the different types like O, A, B and AB have different allowed and restricted types of foods that they can eat. However, before starting to follow the diet plan, you should consult your doctor to see if all the included ingredients will be healthy and safe for you (especially for the people with medical conditions).

No Refined Foods

Although the blood type diet recommends different things for different blood types, there are some rules that remain the same. One of these rules is the restriction of processed and refined foods. The diet suggests buying every thing in its raw, natural form. Processed foods contain a high amount of fat, and preventing their intake can work wonders for you.

So, even if the diet itself doesn’t work for you, the natural habits that it promotes will help you in their own to become more healthy over time.

Encourages The Intake Of Dietary Supplements

In the blood type diet, it is suggested that every blood type should take dietary supplements. The products containing dietary supplements on his website are designed to compliment the needs of every different blood type. However, the supplements haven’t been checked by the FDA.

So, when following the blood type diet, you’re advised to take dietary supplements in your meals.

Restricts Some Food Types

People with O blood type are suggested not to take too much whole grains, while the A blood types should refrain from taking dairy products. You should only be limiting your intake of these food types and not eliminate them altogether, as this might cause nutritional deficiencies. So, before following, you must consult a doctor.

Prefers The Usage Of Plan Based Foods

Physicians and nutritionists are usually seen appreciating this part of the blood type diet. Plant based diet can actually have lots of benefits for our body. Additionally, fruits are recommended for every blood type in addition to productive routines, which is generally considered as a good step. Studies show that people who prefer plant based diet and Mediterranean diets  over meat generally stay away from cancer and heart diseases in the long run.

However, More Research Is Needed

Although there are many testimonials and good reviews regarding the blood type diet, there aren’t much independent studies that confirm or deny the claims made by the diet. The smaller studies conducted on limited groups of people showed mixed results. So, we can concluded that the blood type diet is certainly worth trying, however, you should consult your doctor before starting the diet.