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7 Things You Can Use in an RV for Comfortable Camping

There is nothing better than traveling the country in a home on wheels. The freedom of the open road and the never-ending possibilities are what draws people to the RV life. Although camping is fun, it is even more fun with modern conveniences.

We have put together a list of some must-haves for RVing. These things will make your RV experience much more enjoyable as you travel down the highways and byways of beautiful America. No matter where you visit, there is always something to experience and enjoy. With the following items, you can rest assured your RV adventures will be more comfortable than ever before.

7 Things Every RV Needs for Comfortable Camping

1. An extra power cord is considered essential for RV life. Yes, your RV likely came with a 25-foot cord, but is this long enough for all parks? There are some RV campsites where we have needed a longer power cord. Did you know you can purchase these in up to 50-foot lengths?

2. A RV Microwave is also considered a must for comfortable camping. Think about how often you use your microwave at home and you will see why it is so important for your RV. With the right microwave, you can extend your cooking options.

3. A portable grill is also important. You are not always going to want to cook indoors when you have an RV. Think about how good that fresh fish you catch will taste when grilled! You can purchase a small grill at a really reasonable price. We love cooking trout on the grill and who doesn’t like a nice and juicy grilled steak!

4. The right cookware is also important for comfortable living in your RV. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen and having the right tools is a must for making light work of cooking. Believe me, lightweight cookware is your best friend in an RV kitchen! When choosing RV cookware, make sure it is stackable and compact so it doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen.

5. Having the right GPS system will keep you on track in your RV travels. While getting lost can sometimes be a blessing, most people want to stay on a pre-planned path while traveling by RV. GPS devices are now more affordable and responsive than ever before.

6. Having a first aid kit onboard is also paramount. No one wants to think about injuries occurring, but they sometimes do. If you are “roughing it,” you certainly want to have an extensive first aid kit that will offer triage care until you can get to a hospital or doctor. Look for large kits that contain things like tourniquets and snake bite kits.

7. You can never have enough lighting sources, especially if you plan on boondocking. Having plenty of lanterns and flashlights on hand will keep you happy while you spend time with those you love. It is also incredibly important to keep a large supply of batteries on hand. Even if you do not boondock, there is a chance you could lose power or your generator could fail. It never hurts to be overly prepared when it comes to RVing adventures.

RV Life Is Worth the Living

Climbing in your RV and taking off for new parts unknown is so exciting. My wife and I love our RV adventures and so does our elderly dog, Chloe. More and more people are embracing the RV lifestyle and it is amazing to see the community togetherness that has developed among campers.

Each time we stop at a new campsite, we never meet a stranger. Those who RV are just naturally happier people! We have met some of the most wonderful people as we travel across the country and visit new sites.

Whether you are new to RV camping or an old pro, having the right “luxuries” in your RV will keep you happy, no matter how long the trip. With the modern conveniences of home, who needs a dusty old hotel room? Here’s to your travels. May you always find what you are looking for and even those things you never expected to find!