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Recuva for Mac, Are There Alternatives?

Who doesn’t know Recuva? Ok, in case if you still don’t know it, Recuva is a data recovery tool. It is free, easy-to-use and very efficient. But for now, users know it as software for PC. What should you do though if you use a Mac? Are there any options? Yep, Recuva for Mac doesn’t exist. That’s why if you are a mac user, you have to look for options.

Is there an efficient tool that can replace Recuva and be as user-friendly and efficient as this well-known tool? When you will be looking for a Recuva for Mac alternative, you will not find many options. The reason is very simple: iOS devices usually have their native tools for all possible purposes. However, most of those tools are aimed rather at data backup rather than at the recovery of lost or accidentally deleted files.

Even though while reading Recuva reviews you might feel das that you cannot use it for both your PC and your Mac, the only thing for you is to look for options. There are not many of them, but one of the Recuva alternatives is really amazing. Disk Drill: have you heard about it?

This is one of those very few programs like Recuva, but for mac. Actually, it is even better than the mentioned software for PC, at least free versions of both tools differ from each other enormously. So, what do you get with Disk Drill for mac? You will be amazed because you will get everything that is connected with files recovery:

  • The tool works with all file formats, even with those that are used very rarely.
  • Disk Drill recovers even big files without damaging them.
  • What about partition recovery? This software does it. You know what it means, don’t you?
  • Disk Drill is very easy to use, just like the popular Recuva for PC. However, Disk Drill is much faster and significantly more efficient.
  • Finally, Disk Drill works with external devices, as well, not only with your mac. The only issue might be with some SSD if they are paired with TRIM function. In such cases, the space that was used for deleted files is filled in with zeros. So, data might have gone forever. But trying is always an option, especially if you run the tool immediately after the files were lost.

There are some details though. If you need just to keep your files safe, you might want to select a free software option for the backup of important data. Then, if you delete the files that you need, you will be able to get them from a backup copy.

But if we speak about files recovery, you should know, that a free version doesn’t provide this option. That’s not an issue though, because the prices for a paid version are absolutely affordable. Even if you don’t have a super high income, you can buy a paid version of Disk Drill without any harm to your budget.

So, would you like this option? You can download Recuva for mac, its free version, to check how the tool works with data backup. You will like it, you will see. And then, after you test Disk Drill and make sure that it provides the promised results, you can use this Recuva for Mac alternative for data recovery.