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The Art of Home Maintenance – The Essentials You Need to Know

Regular home maintenance is how you avoid paying for expensive repairs down the road. There are certain when checkups need to be done, and there are certain appliances that are more likely to break down than others. Here are just a few, important facts that every homeowner should know about maintenance.

Saves You From Doing Dangerous Do It Yourself Projects

Regular home maintenance prevents you from doing dangerous repairs on your own. Most do it yourself projects are cheaper yet more dangerous than hiring a professional. You have to do all of the manual labor yourself, such as installing electrical wiring, replacing heavy appliances and more. Moving wires with your own hands increases the risk of electrical shocks and burns. Trying to lift heavy machinery could lead to an accident and injury. It’s your responsibility to decide the savings are worth the increased risks to your health and safety.

The Type of Maintenance Varies

There are different types of maintenance available: preventive, corrective and predictive. Preventive maintenance is the most basic checkup that consists of only a visual inspection. The repairperson looks over the machinery to see if any parts are missing or damaged.

Corrective maintenance includes an inspection with testing, to see if the item works, followed by repairs or replacements. Predictive maintenance involves the use of sensors to predict when damages will occur and maintenance will be needed. It also compares the machine’s data with that of other machines of the same make and model. No scheduled maintenance is required as the damages are monitored and fixed as they occur.

The type of maintenance service that you choose depends on what the company is offering and how much you are willing to pay upfront. Fortunately, most homeowners have access to warranties provided by home warranty companies in Arizona. However, there are limitations to consider that affect the types of repairs covered.

Some Maintenance Needs Are More Urgent Than Others

Most homeowners don’t realize how urgent some maintenance checkups are and how frequently they need to be checked. Air conditioners are used constantly, especially during the summer months. In many homes, the A/C is turned on all day and all night. During months of heavy usage, the filter needs to be changed once a month to keep the HVAC system clean. Otherwise, the A/C will build up with debris and become less efficient in providing cool air.

Some Maintenance Needs Are Ignored Altogether

It’s normal for many home maintenance needs to be ignored or forgotten altogether. Homeowners rarely consider maintaining their garage doors, but its moving parts need to be reviewed and oiled every few months. The kitchen and bathroom sinks are used constantly, and its drains need to be checked for clogs that reduce the water flow.

Home maintenance is more of a necessity than a chore. It’s to help homeowners to avoid facing an appliance that overheats and stops working altogether. It prevents them from having the additional hassle of paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for repairs.

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