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Your Rights Matter: 5 Forms of Abuse Everyone Should Know

Roughly 20 people per minute are abused by their partners. That number is likely to have escalated due to lockdown orders initialed because of COVID-19.

While it may come as no surprise that physical abuse is rampant across relationships, what many don’t know is that forms of abuse extend far beyond hitting or shoving. In this post, our team aims to educate both victims and other interested parties on a variety of ways abuse can manifest.

We hope that through better identification, those suffering through abusive relationships can seek appropriate support.

1. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse encompasses a variety of actions including (but not limited to) slapping, burning, controlling medication, use of weapons, and forcing partners to partake in substance abuse. Given that physical abuse is the most immediately life-threatening of our abuse types, if you’re experiencing it, do everything you can to get to safety and contact the authorities.
Documented forms of physical abuse can be successfully prosecuted by law enforcement if reported as quickly as possible.

2. Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can be every bit as destructive as physical abuse. Unfortunately, it’s harder to prove and doesn’t carry the kind of legal support you might hope for.

Forms of emotional abuse include name-calling, destructive jealously, isolation, and stalking. Some emotional abuse types can be prosecuted under harassment laws so don’t hesitate to seek help from police or an attorney.

3. Digital Abuse

With the growing prevalence of technology has come a new form of abuse that we’re seeing pick up steam. Digital abuse (or technological abuse) manifests itself in the way of stalking partners on social media, demanding partner’s passwords, and hacking into their accounts.

Certain privacy laws may make forms of abuse that occur digitally illegal. If not protected by law, digital abuse is often barred via an online platform’s terms of service so filing a complaint could get perpetrators banned.

4. Sexual Abuse

Hurting a partner during sex. Forcing a partner to have sex with others. Sabotaging birth control… These are all forms of sexual abuse.

Forced sexual encounters are almost always protected under the law. If you’re being subjected to any form of rape, even in the confines of your marriage, get to safety and contact a sexual abuse attorney.

5. Financial Abuse

If your partner is intentionally trying to sabotage your financial life, you’re likely the victim of financial abuse. Anything from running up the balance on credit cards in your name to trying to get you fired from work are common forms of abuse that live in this bucket.

Laws that protect people from theft and harassment may protect you from most forms of financial abuse. Matters can get trickier if you’re married to your abuser.

If You’re Being Subjected to Any of the Forms of Abuse We’ve Discussed, Get Help

Forms of abuse take many shapes. The damage they leave on victims though is all too similar.

Don’t let your life be sucked away by an abusive person. Do what you can to create a plan, get to a safe space, and explore your legal recourse.

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