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The Dahlia Mini-Guide: History, Care Tips and Bouquets

Dahlias are a beautiful flower that is native to Mexico. They are used within many different floral displays as they come in an array of colours and varieties. There are more than 50,000 different varieties of Dahlias that bloom throughout spring to wintertime. Dahlia is a genus of tuberous plants which are members of the Asteraceae family; related to species such as the sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum and zinnia. Most varieties grow 4-5 feet tall and love moist, moderate climates. Dahlias can withstand a range of climates as they can be picked late-fall, ensuring no later as they cannot survive freezing temperatures. They also thrive in sunny locations hence their origins in Mexico, where the dahlia is now their national emblem.  However, they have roots in Sweden, Spain, France and Germany.


In Mexico, dahlias grow like weeds in the valleys. They were originated here but disappeared off the record until the Spanish Inquisition saw this flower in Europe. A Spanish botanist Antonio Jose Cavinilles acquired seeds from three varieties of wild dahlias and grew them at the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid. This plant was then shared around Europe which sparked great interest with many new types being cultivated. A French explorer stumbled across a variety of dahlia named Oaxaca. They were popularised as Marie Antoinette fell in love with this flower and now one of the varieties is named after her.  The three varieties that were grown by Cavinilles have now led to 50,000 types of dahlia, making it a renowned bloom that is popular worldwide. They are now available in all different colours, except blue! Nevertheless, their array of colours makes them perfect for including in flower arrangements and bouquets. They work well with other Asteraceae types such as sunflowers.

Dahlias On Display

This combination can be seen in flower arrangements at Moyses Stevens. This luxury London-based florist uses the beautiful dahlia within many of their floral displays. The Perfect Dahlia bouquet features both sunflowers and dahlias to create a magical, colourful display. Blended with pink roses, astilbe, yellow solidago and white alstroemeria, this hand-tie is a stunning way to brighten up a home. If you want to create your own, bespoke bouquet for yourself or to give to someone special, get in touch with the Moyses Stevens team or head down to one of their beautiful London flower shops and pick your design. You can visit the lovely florists at Battersea, Chelsea, Belgravia, St Pancras or at the concession in Selfridges, along Oxford Street.

Caring for Dahlias

Dahlias flower well into Autumn, making them a wonderful addition to floral arrangements. With their large sturdy stems, dahlias are perfect for vase displays. They do have a slightly shorter lifespan than other blooms but if cared for correctly, they can last up to five days. Use a sharp, clean knife or scissors to cut the stems down and allow the water to access the stems easier. Place in a clean vase with lots of cool water and avoid displaying in any hot environments such as a sunny window sill or next to appliances as this could cause the flowers to wilt.

Dahlias: Seasonal Flowers

Love having fresh seasonal flowers in your home? Why not treat yourself to a flower subscription? Moyses Stevens offer the most amazing seasonal flowers that are sourced from 15 different growers in the UK and suppliers in Holland and further afar. They offer flexible flower subscriptions so you can keep your home looking bright and beautiful all the time! Choose whatever frequency you desire, the size of the display and which style would suit your home the most. If you opt for a seasonal subscription, you can enjoy blooms such as darling dahlias or pretty peonies incorporated within the design. You can either arrange the flowers yourself or have them made up and delivered by the reliable team at Moyses.

Moyses Stevens also operates a 7-day flower delivery service so you can be sure your fresh bouquet will arrive in perfect time to keep your home filled with fragrant and luxurious floral displays.

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