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Top Tips for Buying a Car From a Dealership

Whilst dealerships may be closed during our second lockdown, you can spend this time getting prepared for when they reopen. Whether you’re buying your first car, or you’re heading to a dealership for a newer model, here are some of our top tips for buying a car from a dealership. 

Take it for a test drive

Perhaps you’ve seen a Citroen C1 for sale that’s piqued your interest or maybe you’re after a cross-over car. Whatever you do before you hand over your cash, it’s important that you take it out for a test drive. Ideally you should drive on familiar roads to help you imagine what the vehicle is like in everyday life. And if you’re buying a family estate car, take a car seat with you, and take the children. You’ll be able to find out how easy it is to put the seat in, and see how much boot room there is.  

Stick to your budget

Car salesmen will often upsell options and packages to you, that can sometimes turn a good deal on a car into one that is barely affordable. But, forewarned is forearmed when it comes to heading to a dealership. Have a look at your monthly finances before you head to a dealership and be realistic about what is financially viable for you. And remember it’s not just the initial purchase, it’s the insurance, tax, and fuel that should all be taken into consideration too. 

Spot problems

Going to a dealership can be daunting, especially if you don’t know the difference between your dipstick and manometer, but if you spot something that doesn’t look right, or hear a noise that doesn’t sound right, ask. 

Don’t get lured in by the price or low mileage. Look at wheels and bumpers and take note if they’re damaged or scuffed. If there seems to be significant damage, it could mean there is more significant damage underneath. 

When out on the test drive, notice how the brakes feel, and listen for any noises. If you sense any vibrations or pulling, then it could indicate further problems too. 

Don’t be afraid to haggle

Haggling might not be part of everyday life here in the UK, but there’s often wiggle room in the price of a car. You’re more likely to get a bargain at the end of a month as salesmen are trying to reach targets. Similarly, the month before the next set of registration plates are released, dealerships are often trying to get rid of old stock.