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Majed Veysel’s Hardwork In His Career

Majed has always been a hardworking architect. He not only involves his hardwork in his work but also use the great ideas. That’s why we can call him a smart experienced architect of today’s era. Not only he started his experience during his study but also performed at the top in his every project.

Since he is an experienced architectural photographer you can also learn the basics and can become master to succeed in your career. Ofcourse he is a living inspiration for hardworking architects nowadays. You can tell that he worked very hard during his career by taking look at his projects.

Photography Experience While Travelling

Just like every other person you also take photos during your journey to any place. But you can make those photos look better by observing Majed’ work. For some people, traveling is a way to spend some time off the daily routine work.

Then you have others, for whom having a journey is more like a passion. They don’t need any specific reason to travel. But they surely want to visit every place they have visited, to let them live in their memories forever.

The best way to do so is by taking pictures and keeping those photos together. You can revisit those memories by just looking at those photos. Well, you can’t expect to be a pro in travel photography unless you have experts to guide you through the stages, like Majed Veysel. Visit his Instagram account for some inspirational work and then try your hand by taking pictures yourself as well.

Perfection In Photography

Majed Veysel’s passion for his work can be seen in his photography. It isn’t difficult to learn a full-blown knowledge of architectural photography for your success in career once you have experts to guide you in your field. Talking about experts in architectural photography, Majed Veysel is the name that comes to your mind. If you really want to get to know his expertise into his work, you can check out his Instagram account at for some details.

His pictures clearly portrays that shooting from a particular angle will make the photo more meaningful and will show a beautiful side of the world. There are some weather conditions where it is difficult to do and some times of the day that you need to dedicate to clicking architecture photography.

Even though the results are based on weather conditions, it can also encapsulate the look of the building at one specific time. Shooting a picture in different weather conditions help in painting a complete photo of the building and its relationship with the environmental conditions.

Majed’s Observations

After his experience in his career he has made many observations and visions about photography. Majed believes that colors can be terribly disturbing in images and take away the main point from the subject. The absence of colors in a picture allows the subject to talk and narrate their story in their own way. The creativity progress with black and white is so classic, and the beauty of black and white tone make you feel realize that there are so many shades in them.

Majed Veysel loves shooting mono, and he experiments much with colors like White and Black digital photography. In future he will be a great inspiration to the hardworking architects, Photographers and designers.