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How Long Does CBD Oil Really Stay in Your System?

If a common occurrence that those new to the CBD oil industry are bombarded with false information about CBD oil products. These myths can range from ‘CBD oil can actually make you feel high’ to ‘CBD oil is detectable in a works random drug testing’. As such, we are hoping that this post with assist in defusing some of these myths, and potential consumer stereotypes towards CBD Oil products.

What is CBD Oil and how can it benefit you?

CBD oil is an element found within all cannabis plants. It is known by the chemical name cannabidiol and is a great solution to those that suffer chronic pain disorders and mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. The process by which CBD oil is produced is by means of extracting the CBD from the leaves of the cannabis plants.

How long CBD Oil stays in your system is heavily dependent on the dosage

CBD oil will usually stay in a consumers system for up to and around about a week. This means that for those that are known to be tested within seven to ten days then you we urge you not to consumer CBD oil within that time period. The problem being that for those who consume CBD oil there is another chemical found within the product called THC. This chemical is the one which makes you high similar to that of smoking cannabis. The issue is that usually there are traces of THC in CBD oil for which will come up on drugs test screenings. Currently there is no known way to completely eradicate THC from CBD oil but the concentration is so minimal it will have no effect on the user. However, it is worth noting that even if it is the smallest of doses in terms of THC this can come up in drug screening and act as a false positive for the user. Therefore we urge caution to the wind and tell consumers to ensure they leave ample amount of time for the product to leave the body prior to a drug screening test.

Another point to make is that if you are consumer which takes a large amount of CBD Oil currently, then it will be said that the process by which CBD and THC leaves the system will be longer. This is due to the body only being able to convert and consume a certain amount of CBD oil at a time. We therefore suggest potentially doubling the amount of time if you do indeed consume double the average dose of a regular user.

Final Thoughts

Identifying how long it stays in your system is a relatively hard process due to the multitude of factors that can affect the consumption timing. As such, we suggest potentially leaving it ten days for CBD oil to be completely out of your system. We also advise that this can be a ballpark figure as the variables of dosage and consumption may increase or decrease this figure exponentially.