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Spring Lawn Care Tips for Beautiful Summer Landscaping

Spring is here and so being the need to start working hard on those landscaping and lawn care items that you so love to work on. This can be stressful, but it can also be peaceful, especially for the average guy. So here are some spring lawn care tips to help give you a better experience and prepare you for the summer so you don’t have problems taking care of your lawn later this year.
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Inspect Hoses and Sprinklers

No, you don’t have to water your lawn just yet, but at the same time, hoses have the tendency to crack and break throughout the winter, as well as the fact that sprinkler systems can get clogged with dust, bugs, and more throughout the colder seasons. Be sure to hook your hoses and sprinklers up and run them once just to test them. In order to check for leaks of your hose, it’s often best to get a handle or a spout that you can turn off, stretch it out fully, and then turn on the water to make sure that there aren’t any leaks. If anything, you may have to buy a new lightweight hose at Gilmour.

Re-Seed Bare Patches

You can cover them with actual chunks of sod to help grass re-grow if necessary, but if you don’t seed during the beginning of spring, you may end up with more weeds and unwanted grasses in your lawn than you desire, causing all sorts of problems.

Some weeds and invasive grass species can even kill good grass around them, so you want to take care of this as quickly as possible. If you see weeds sprouting in your lawn at the beginning of Spring, simply pull the weeds (or dig them up), and then put them where they won’t be able to grow again (like a burn pile or compost pile), rake the ground there and make sure that any grass and sod not only fills the hole, but also covers the spot which will help it re-seed itself.

Start it Up

Make sure you start up your lawn mower regularly, as well as get it serviced if need be. Make sure the blades are sharp, and ready to roll when it comes time later on in the spring. Also be sure any weed eaters and lawn care machinery runs well also. Start it up just like you would a vehicle to keep the juices flowing.

Conclusion: The First Mow

In the early Spring when you mow for the first few times, don’t bag up and rake up your grass clippings. As a matter of fact, the best practice is make a few passes over your lawn (even if it’s not needed) or “mow it twice” so you can ensure that cut grass is fed back to your already starting to grow lawn. This can save you on having to fertilize later, saving you time and money.

By following these lawn care tips, you can have a healthier lawn, and have a healthier you as you don’t have to waste precious money, time, and energy on having to get things to make your lawn better. This is important because you need to enjoy Spring and Summer, and it’s crucial that you get to do so.