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Camping Tips You Should Know & Things to Pack

If you love outdoor activities, then camping is the activity for you. Camping has helped many people enjoy different sceneries, meet new people, and appreciate the environment around them. Camping can be a lot of fun when you understand the main things.

Different Types of Camping

Many people relate camping to a night in the woods surrounded by wildlife trees and bugs. Even though it might be true, there are a lot of ways to go camping.

Firstly and the most common camping type is the tent camping. Tent camping involves going into the countryside, pitching a tent, and sleeping there for one or more nights. Tent camping can be done in the woods or out on the beach, depending on one’s preference. Tent camping is best-suited for families with children. It can also be used for corporate team building.

Secondly, there’s backpacking. Backpacking shelters is also known as hiking. This form of camping entails individuals spending the day walking, while carrying everything they need on their back. During the night, the hikers then set up tents or hammocks to sleep in and continue with the hike in the morning. The duration for the backpacking varies with the group of people. Some might take a few days, while others might decide to go on for months.

For individuals who want an extra edge to their camping experience, canoe camping might be their cup of tea. Canoe camping involves individuals spending time traveling using canoes. This provides an opportunity to explore many places otherwise not reachable through walking. However, to enjoy a canoe experience, one needs to consider the climate and weather changes of their destination.

Survivalist camping is another type to consider. This, however, is most preferred by experienced campers. Survival camping is aimed at helping individuals to become completely self-sufficient. There are two types of survival camping – base walk and walk out.

In base walk, individuals walk to an isolated spot and set up a camp. They are then required to survive on what they find in the place for the given period. This includes eating food found in the forest, fishing, or gathering nuts. For walk out, individuals are dropped at a particular place in the wilderness, where they are required to find their way back to civilization.

Lastly, RV and Van camping involves people traveling around using their vehicles and setting up a camp for the night. RV and Van camping allows people to move across states, giving them an opportunity to visit different parts of the country. This form of camping can be fun, especially with your family or friends.

Camping Supplies

After picking the right camping experience, you’ll need to carry a few must-have items. As a camper, you should always have a first aid kit. You should also carry a pack of matches to help with the fire, tent, tent poles, and tent pole stakes. Always remember to bring a repair kit for when things go wrong. Also, bring pillows, insulation jackets, hats, rain shells, etc. Don’t forget to get flashlights or camping lanterns, sleeping bags, and pads for each camper. Finally, carry an extra tarp or canopy.